August Check In

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August Check In
Sun, 08-05-2012 - 9:51am

Everyone must be so busy with their little ones, it's a little quite here. (my part, especially, as well)

Say a little hello and share what you've been up to this summer and how your little one is doing!


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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 5:03am

We been  fixing our new house, since it been a rather crappy summer, we have been using ever  clear day and night  ( sun doesnt really set here ) to paint and  decorate.

Vidar has just started on solids,  just an  1/8 of teaspoon and we found out that he love  cloudberries.

And I am now 45 pounds lighter since last year but I am back eating normally.

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Mon, 08-13-2012 - 3:02pm
Im here...:smileywink:

I think I have the most dreamy baby. She is so laid back and calm it's amazing.

Its been crazy here. I think im looking forward to school starting in others I love the help. Even if I have to beg for it.

Garnet is still EBF and I will continue. Been looking at child lead weaning and im not sure that's for me. But i am planing till 15 m.

She is still so freaking long.....the comment I here most is "wow is she long". Dh is 6'3.... I think she is taking after daddy.

Still co sleeping. Love it.

Hopefully this board will pick up in the fall. Summer is just so busy!!!!
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Mon, 08-13-2012 - 8:14am

I'm still here.  Daisy is almost 4 months , We are still EBF , I've actually tried several bottles of Similac and Enfamil and she wants nothing to do with it. I would have liked to have given her one or two bottles a day just cause it would be easier if we were out and about but no luck yet.  School starts back this time next week here so getting ready with back to school etc. I thought  having 5 kids home all summer would be a total nightmare but I've actually enjoyed it and found my older kids to be a BIG help.

Had a nice summer took a few trips to Disney and also went to St. Augustine . Still trying to lose this pregnancy weight !! Going to WW's but sort of doing it half assed so am trying this week to do the plan exactly lol !  So all is well with us. I feel so blessed to have Daisy she sleeps good and is pretty easy all in all. 

Hope everyone and their Lo's are keeping well.

La Donna 

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Thu, 08-09-2012 - 10:40pm
We haven't done too much this summer...not as much as I had wanted to do. We finally went to the beach this past Sunday. My DD had a BLAST and Noah did pretty well. He doesn't sleep much if at all when we're not home. He's afraid he's going to miss something. He was addicted to sleeping in the swing, just like my DD was. I thought it was going to be so hard to transition him out of it and into his crib, but he's doing fantastic!! He's been sleeping through the night for awhile now and usually goes to bed no later than 9 or 9:30. I've stopped pumping and my freezer stash is almost gone. But we've been mixing BM and formula and he seems to be fine with it. Overall he's such a happy boy. He's always smiling and "talking". My DD is so in love with him and constantly gives him kisses. I have the greatest kids! I couldn't be more blessed. :smileyhappy:
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Thu, 08-09-2012 - 6:51pm
Summertime with 6 kids at home has been rather crazy! It seems like something is always happening. I am looking forward to life calming down a little in the fall when school starts.

Connor is doing great. He is easier to keep happy during the day now. He enjoys his jolly jumper and his exersaucer. He had his 3 month appt and he is 27 inches and 17lb 3oz. He is getting too heavy to carry around in his infant carrier so we just bought a convertible carseat and will be transitioning him into that soon. He still wakes up in the night to eat a few times but he is going to bed between 9 and 10 so at least he isn't keeping us up late anymore. All in all life is good :smileyhappy:


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Wed, 08-08-2012 - 2:58am
I can't believe summer's more than half gone! We haven't done alot, I stay home with Kingston and we mostly hang out. He'll be 4 months on the 17th, it feels like he should be older, most people that see him think he is. He's not that big really, about 14 lbs but he's tall. He has his 4 month appt. on the 22nd, so it'll be cool to see how he's grown since his 2 month appt. He still doesn't sleep through the night, he was doing good with 4 to 5 hour stretches, but for the last week he's been wanting to eat every two hours. So maybe a growth spurt? I just go with it, I'm still breastfeeding him and will be for another 2.5 months probably. I like breastfeeding him, but I'm really wanting my birth control pill hormones back! I have PCOS, and my skin's getting really bad. I know the pill will clear it up (but not the mini pill I'm on now) but it will also dry up my milk, so I'm holding off as long as possible. I have nothing against formula, but I think breast is best whenever possible. Kingston's starting to be a loudmouth! He coos and babbles alot, and if he's hungry he makes this really cute "rawrr!" noise (think of an older kid making monster noises) and tries to shove whatever's close into his mouth. We got him a jumper and he really loves it, I think he figured out how to push the noise making button already, but it could just be a coincidence. It's really fun watching him change and grow!
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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 4:06pm
We're still here! I'm definitely busy with my 2 year old and 1 year old-Delaney is so great, she's such a walk in the park compared to her two brothers! She just turned 4 months old on the 4th, and she's probably close to 20 pounds now-we'll know for sure on the 16th. She is the most laid back baby I've had. She loves being pampered and she laughs the whole time we put lotion on her or brush her hair. She's still got a ton of hair, and she's so cool with everything that she doesn't mind lots of wardrobe changes and hairbows. She starting to "talk" more, and her brother's think that she's so great now that she can coo at them. We've tried to feed her baby cereal in a bowl-she's had it in her bottle since about 2 months for her reflux problems, but she's totally not interested in being fed with a spoon yet, which is fine by me, I want her to stay a baby for longer!
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Mon, 08-06-2012 - 1:30pm
Things are okay here. Ana is 3 1/2 months now, hard to believe. She is sleeping through the night in her crib (hooray!), but we do have her crib set up in our room next to my side of our bed, but still. She's been regularly sleeping from about 10:00 pm to about 7:00 am, so I can't complain. Sometimes she wakes a bit earlier, so I bring her into bed with us while we wake up and she smiles and chats with us. She's eating pretty well. Her four month appointment is on her four month birthday (the 20th). It will be interesting to see how she has grown. We kind of weighed her here at home on our scale (with us holding her, subtracting how much we weighed by our selves) and she was about 14.5 lbs. She isn't a super chunk like my son was at this age, but she is crazy tall. She's probably a good 26 inches at this point, but we haven't measured her height since her appointment in June. She is a happy baby. She only fusses really when she has a need to be met or she's overtired. We took her into the pool for the first time yesterday and she loved it. Our son is working really hard on his swimming so he could be on the league swim team next year, so we took her out while he was doing his laps at the local pool and I had her in the kiddie pool. It was fun. :smileyhappy: Right now, she is sleeping on my chest and not feeling very good. She was doing well, but ended up throwing up probably three ounces about an hour and a half ago while I was shopping for groceries this morning, so I have her home sleeping and wrapped up in a blanket. I will give her a good bath when she wakes up, I hate to wake her when she's tired and not feeling very well. This isn't all the time, but I give lots of snuggles when we have days like this. Overall, she is doing really good.

In other family news, my DS is starting 4th grade next week, so we're getting him set up for that. DH is getting ready to start his second year in his MA program in a few weeks, so he is gearing up for a lot of writing in his classes. I started back to work on June 18th part time from home until the end of last month, then I started working a full 8 hours mostly from home. Ana will start day care in mid October, so I have both kids home. I'll tell ya: working full time and being a stay at home mom at the same time is not fun at all. With Ana sick right now, I called in and told them I was taking half a day off to take care of her and working my four hours after DH gets home and I'm enjoying the non-chaotic atmosphere right now.
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Sun, 08-05-2012 - 9:56am
We've had a laid back but busy summer. 5 kiddos keep me hopping, that's for sure! Nothing exciting to share, just a lot of day to day fun at home and with friends and sports and a WHOLE LOT of laundry!!

Levi is doing great. He's almost 4.5 months already, I can't believe it! There are things that he's right in line with but other things where he's more like a 3.5 monther, like he should be. We're finally past the colic, have been for several weeks now, but he still has his moments. We have days that are filled with a lot of walking around because he's just fussy otherwise. But he smiles and laughs so much, he's really put on some good weight - we have his 4 month appointment next week but on my scale at home he's 15 pounds. We're fighting "cradle crap", still. It's so annoying. I get it cleared up and then a few days later it pops back up again. I'm probably not as diligent as I should be though. He's just so cute!!