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Sprouting that first tooth is a major milestone, but like many of baby's firsts, it doesn't come without some growing pains. Literally. (Hard teeth breaking through soft gums? Ouch!) Besides the discomfort, your kiddo may be dealing with a pile of unpleasant side effects, like interrupted sleep, diaper rash, and Old Faithful–style drooling. Bottom line: Teething can throw your and kiddo's world for a loop. The good news is, this gnarly stretch of time doesn't last forever -- and there are ways to make it more bearable for baby in the meantime. 

Teething 101: What You Need to Know About Baby's First Teeth- http://www.ivillage.com/baby-teething/6-b-483178#ixzz25cKmg3eT 


Has your little one started to cut any teeth yet? 

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no teeth showing yet but there is sooooooo much droooooooooooool!!