Can I trust the EPT?

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Can I trust the EPT?
Wed, 11-06-2013 - 1:56pm

So my DH and I have been trying for #2 for almost 2 years now.  And my period is not due until Friday, but I took an EPT yesterday and it was positive!  I was so excited and it felt  unreal!  And now it really feels unreal and feeling like the test could be wrong....can I trust a result that's 4 days early???  Can I really get excited??


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Thu, 11-07-2013 - 8:19am
I've always heard that a positive is a positive! HPTs are so sensitive these days that you could for sure have received a positive result 4 days early. It all depends on when you ovulated! CONGRATS!!! When are you due? In July? If so, please head over to the July 2014 Expecting Club and introduce yourself!

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