Can it be so?

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Can it be so?
Sun, 06-10-2012 - 7:02pm

Hello. I started light spotting on day 27 of my cycle (usually spot two days b4 AF really comes), it's now day 32 and I really can't say she has truly come. I used a tampon each day and had just a little showing. Never anything to call the real deal.

I feel moisture every so often and go and wipe to see if there's more, but there isn't. I don't have to wear anything for protection and only see some red when I make a BM and light pink after going pee. But, again not all the time.

I am trying to conceive. Advise please. Do I just wait a few days more to see if she just comes?

I also have been constipated and my face has been flush hot all day today.

Appreciate any feedback. :smileyhappy: