Desperately seeking advice... symtoms but neg tests!

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Desperately seeking advice... symtoms but neg tests!
Wed, 09-11-2013 - 9:00am

Hiya ladies, so Im 25 and Ive had a regularish cycle ranging from 28-34 days each month.

The last full period i had was 27th July 13' which lasted my nomal 4-5 days

I was due around 24th-27th August which happened it came as expected on the 27th BUT my bleed only lasted one day
(starting morning, all was gone by next morning) got very mild light cramps in the morning, no cravings, no temperature, no bloating/period cramps,, other words no sign my period was coming and most of all i havent had any bleeding since then.

So I am now due for my next period in around 16 days (going off my most recent longest cycle) between 24th - 27th Sept and Ive been feeling extremely tired these past 2 weeks, havent felt like drinking wine (which i LOVE drinking every now and again) getting full off little amounts of food, loss of appitite, mild backache, very very mild nausea, so close to crying for no reason, and my breasts have swollen probably close to 2 cup sizes bigger, theyre very heavy and firm and my nipples have been constantly hard for the past few days and are extremely tender to touch!

Now Im not due for approx another 16 days and imo I am middle of cycle and get these symtoms just before my period comes not more than 2 weeks before!

I am not on any form of contraception now I had the implanon out March 13' so I understand I could get pregnant. 

My boyfriend believes i am pregnant, but I did a pregnancy test a couple days after my one day period' and it was negative, I waited 1 1/2 weeks to do another test (same brand) (impatient) and negative again so I am wondering whats going on with my body.

Can anybody shine any light on my situation, or when Id be safe to do another test and for it to show pregnant, if i am indeed pregnant?? 
I cant get into doctors until 21st Sept but im hoping by then my hormones would be high enough to be detected on HPT

Edit: I am not sure when I ovulate because of my cycle, but Me and my other half have slept together unprotected throughout July and August quite regularly 


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Gosh. It is hard telling what could be going on. It sure does sound like you have many of the signs of early pregnancy. At this point, if you were pregnant, it would be showing on a test. Maybe you should grab a different brand of test to see if maybe you got a bad batch (unlikely, but you never know!). Since you are not using protection, the chances of you being pregnant are very high! Good luck and let us know what you find out.
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There are some women who do not ever get a positive test even when they are pregnant. If nothing else has happened, no flow, etc., at this point I would just wait and talk to your doctor on the 21st and see what happens. I assume you are going to an OB correct? They will be able to do the blood test, and if needed, an ultrasound right in the office. And if everything still comes out negative, you'll want to talk about what other things may be causing all your symptoms.
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It really does sound like you have the early pregnancy symptoms. If you still get a negative test, ask to get a blood test done. They're usually more effective and can detect pregnancy earlier than a urine test. Do let us know the results!

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