had what I think was period but feel pg - possible?

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had what I think was period but feel pg - possible?
Mon, 03-05-2012 - 3:15pm

I probably should be on the "Am I crazy" board instead of this one, but here goes. DH and I are not trying to get pg but haven't been trying not to either and we BD close to when I think I O'd last month. About 8 days after when I think I O'd, I had odd cramps, not like AF cramps, that went away after a few days. Then I started getting nausous every day. And my boobs become very sore and I started having to pee every hour or two. AF, or what I think was AF, showed up right on time last Monday. It was about two days shorter than normal, but as heavy if not heavier for the 5 days it lasted. Started spotting Monday morning and had full-on AF by that afternoon. Sorry if TMI, but was going through super tampons every 2-3 hours. By Friday I was back to spotting. Usually it lasts 7 days, spotting for a day, then regular for several and a day or two of spotting at the end. I have ovarian cysts that have been causing a lot of cramping from O to AF every month, sometimes with breast tenderness. but usually it all goes away when AF shows up. This month it didn't go away. My boobs aren't quite as sore as before AF but still sore. Still cramping off and on, which is very unusual. Still making frequent bathroom trips (could be that I'm drinking more water). Having lots of headaches and nausea (could be allergies - sometimes they cause vertigo which causes nausea).

I'm crazy, right? There's no way to be PG after 3 days of heavy AF, right? This is all just cruel coincidental symptoms of other things, right? I don't want to spend the $ to go buy a test just to prove that I'm nuts.


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When I had my chemical pregnancy back in Aug my boobs remained sore for about a week after my miscarriage. A c/p could explain the heavier bleeding too. Maybe you should see your Dr. just to be sure all is well.


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It's really hard to say either way. Some women do have bleeding in the beginning of their pregnancy and even what they believe are their periods for the first month or two. If things don't settle back to your normal when your next period is due, take a test. If your period shows but things remain abnormal for you, you might want to make a doctor's appointment and ask them if your cysts could be causing the differences. Good luck!