has anyone experienced this?

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has anyone experienced this?
Sun, 08-21-2011 - 1:05am

I can't sleep on my stomach it hurts bad everynight. I missed my cycle since
june. I jus had my ultrasound did and the lady had an attitude with me. I seen
something and when I askd her did she c sum because I did she said no. Everytime
I would try to see the screen she would move the screen or the control. She
didn't wanna show me anything. I took a pregnacy test and it came positive. I
took rpt equate. Has anyone experienced this? She said no and that's all it is
to it and walked out. She took galleries of pictures of my stomach. My mama said
dey only take pictures when they see something. i mean she completely had an
attitude with me. when it was all done i said what is that i seen something like
a little peanut she didnt even look to see what i was talking about. she clicked
it off very fast. she didnt tell me anything but had a nasty attitude. so she
said nawl i didnt find anything and thats awl to it. i said dam..now im getting lazy alot and short of breath...i have stomach pains every night and i cant lay on it or my side.

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Tue, 08-23-2011 - 12:34pm
Hello and welcome to the board!

I can certainly understand why you are feeling confused. It sounds like you had a very odd experience with the ultrasound technician. Who ordered the ultrasound? Did you see a doctor at all? It has always been my experience that the ultrasound technician does the ultrasound but the results are always read by the doctor. I would suggest calling your doctor's office and asking to meet with the doctor. Wishing you the best of luck- please let us know what you find out!

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Wed, 08-24-2011 - 1:39pm
Call the doctor that ordered the ultrasound and ask them what the results were. Ultrasound techs are usually not allowed to tell anything. That doesn't give her an excuse to be rude though, but that may be why she didn't tell you anything.

If you are indeed pregnant, it's common for women to start having discomfort laying on their stomach at various times during their pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I started having that discomfort pretty early on compared to some others I knew that were pregnant.

I hope you get answers soon.