Hello HcG level will not go below 5

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Hello HcG level will not go below 5
Thu, 02-10-2011 - 4:03pm
Hello I just wanted to check if anyone has ever been in my situation.

My husband and I are not trying to conceive at this time, we have a 13 month old, but. . .my period returned in Aug, Sept, Oct, and Nov. It was very heavy and not like it was before my son. I did not get my period in Dec. but I suspected I was preggers, I took 3 pg test and they all said no. So I trusted that, I had some of the symptoms like with my son, but nothing very obvious. I started spotting on Jan15 with heavy bleeding and cramping on the 17th and this continued till 23rd. On Jan 20 I went to my obgyn and had blood work done to test for anemia and pregnancy . . . my hcg level was 461.2  I was pregnant. I knew the procedure given I had had another miscarriage before we conceived our son. I would have been 8 wk 7days . I’ve been going in every week to have my hcg levels tested, 1/26 it was 32, 2/2 it was 7.2 and I went yesterday 2/9 and it is still 7.  I am waiting for my obgyn to call me back we are playing phone tag, but does anyone know how long it will take for my hcg levels to fall below 5. I am actually starting to worry . . . first it was the loss of our child we weren’t expecting, then the fear that I might have an ectopic pregnancy and now my hcg levels haven’t gone down in a week.

Any input is appreciated.
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Fri, 02-11-2011 - 8:26am
This happened to me back in 2008. I didn't get a positive HPT so I went to the dr almost a week later. and got tested, I was pregnant. Started bleeding, went to ER was having a m/c. My OB said after two weeks, take another home test and if it comes back pos come back in. Well I tested at home, came back BFP so I went it. Apparently not all of the tissue in my uterus came out during the bleeding, so they gave me a shot which was called Methotrexate, which basically caused the rest of the "fetal" tissue that was causing my body to produce HCG to be absorbed. Over a couple of days my levels dropped back off to zero and everything was fine. I do want to say though that I am so sorry for the loss of your child. Even though you weren't expecting it, I know it's hard. Hang in there!