I must be imagining things

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I must be imagining things
Thu, 07-19-2012 - 8:06pm

I feel totally nuts just talking about this, which is why I'm not saying a word to DH unless totally necissary lol

My hubby had a vasectomy almost 4 years ago right after baby #4 was born. We had our oldest when we were only 19, so by the time we had #4 we were totally done at the age of 26, which is obviously rather young.

So a little back story here, about a year and a half post v, I had a couple positive pregnancy tests I did at home. But ended up getting my period and a negative test, which lead me to believe the tests were probably just faulty.

Between then and now I have been totally regular or at least predictable, as I don't think anyone is perfectly regular their entire life. I was just going about my life this month, happy as a clam. One of my really close friends, who I always knew was 10 days ahead of me in her cycle, found out shes expecting baby #2. I was excited and sitting around, just a week ago, thinking how glad I am to have all my kids in school this year and not do the baby thing anymore.

I started getting major fatigue a couple days ago, and was complaining to DH that I thought maybe my vitamin D is low again, which is silly in the middle of summer. But I was sooooo tired.

Then last night, I got terrible stomache cramps after eating ice cream. I'm not lactose intollerant. The only time I had lactose problems was when I was pregnant. So I was up until almost 1 in terrible pain. When I got up this morning I was pleased to find the pain was gone, and I went along with my day.

Then as lunchtime came I was soooo tired again. I couldn't decide on something to eat so I made food for the kids and went and laid down on the sofa. My 3 1/2 yr old came in the room to cuddle with me, and she had a cup of goldfish crackers in her hand. My stomache did a sommersault when i got a whiff of her snack. As the afternoon has drug on I just have a nagging sick feeling.

So as I was laying there thinking about what could have made me feel sick, and thinking about how tired I was. THen it occured to me that I haven't seen any sign of AF. Which should have showed sometime between the 13th and 16th.

So of course I'm kinda freaking out now. I can't lie, I really don't want anymore kids (probably why I'm so nervous). My hubby and I have so many plans right now, and I love my kids and I'm really loving that each year I gain a little freedom back for myself. I've also had 5 miscarriages over the past 10 years, and lost a baby right after he was born, and I can't stand the thought of dealing with pregnancy again.

Anybody out there know of this happening to anyone? I googled it, and I know the chances are very low, but it's still possible. Buying a test just sounds like a waste. ?????

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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 2:18pm

I know you just said that buying a test would be a waste, but would that include the one you can buy in a dollar store? I'm sorry you're so stressed.


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