I need some answers but don't wanna be disappointed...

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I need some answers but don't wanna be disappointed...
Sat, 01-22-2011 - 9:18pm

So I've been battling the thoughts of if I should POAS and waste money if it's a negative so if it's ok, I'm just gonna give you a summary about what's been going on the last few days/weeks.....

So this month me and the hubby decided to have EOD BDing...We've been trying and figured what the heck let's just try every other day instead of just on the days I'm ovulating....

So about a week ago I start feeling nauseous any time we got in the car and the heater was on too high. I'd have the A/C on if the hubby would let me but we're in Utah, so of course he thought I was crazy. And then my nipples started hurting LIKE CRAZY if I wore my bra for too long. And this week I've been battling a cold so I've had wonky temps....

The last 2 days I had some brown spotting but only when I wiped never anything on my panties and only one tiny spot on my pad.

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If you're late, you might as well test. It could be that you were just sick or it could have been some early signs of pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different, so it's really hard to tell based just on symptoms. If you want to wait to test because of the money, wait until you are over a week late.
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Did you test yet? If AF was due on the 18th and it's now the 31st and still no AF, I'd def test. It would have drove me nuts to wait that long!! Let us know what's going on!
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Im "a lil curious too. Its weird you had that. Ive just recently had that "car sickness" issue myself. I thought it was the heat as well. I had the tingly breast thing and i am thankful to the Lord that i dont get pms breast symptoms.. That part got my attention. I tested with bfn and tests with maybe evap or faint line, last at.17 dpo. Im due to test again today but may have to wait (28 dpo). I did have unusual mostly pink with some bright red spotting. And other symptoms as well including this vivid dreaming. Not all pg are the same but i want to know that it actually is pregnancy causing all these symptoms and not just hormones myself.