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Internet cheapies
Wed, 07-16-2014 - 11:34am


I have been POAS for about a week with all BFNS! I did one with FMU today and got the wierdest pink mark on the test part! It isn't a obvious line, it's more of a 'splodge'! It's the first  sign of 'pink' i have seen on a IC since using them! I was hoping someone may have had some similar experience with these and could tell me if you went on to have a BFP or if they are just cheap ans unreliable! I have done another this afto and had a BFN! 

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Could be an evaporation line or the start of BFP. The afternoon urine may not have been concentrated enough to show a BFP. I gave up on IC HPTs due to evaporation lines but some ladies have clear BFPs on them. I've heard the Wondfos are pretty good but difficult to tell, depending on where you get them, if they are really Wondfos until you have them in your hands. Any updates? FX and best of luck!


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