Pregnant or just freaking out?!

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Pregnant or just freaking out?!
Tue, 04-17-2012 - 10:42pm
I'm new to boards but needed somewhere to turn for support, thoughts, and advice. I've been in birthcontrol for 6+ years, last year switched from Yaz to Microgestin. I have not had a period in the past year as I stopped getting them upon switching meds. My OB/Gyn is aware and not concerned. I've never missed a pill in the past year however due to my work schedule I do sometimes take them 6-7 hours apart. I was in for a recent pap and everything checked out well. Oddly enough at the exam I was experiencing the first significant bleed I've had since switching BC brands. For the most part, because I'm petrified of pregnancy I use a condom, however in Jan/Feb I did have a few (maybe 5-7) "un-protected" sex (meaning no condom) slip ups. At my annual appointment I asked my health care provider if taking my birth control 6-7 hours late could result in pregnancy and her response was yes. After putting some thought into it later that night I realized I had gained weight in my midsection over the past several months (although my diet has consisted of more take out;), I had several days with VERY VERY tender breast and about a month ago my boyfriend commented my breasts were getting larger (I attributed this to weight gain and blew it off..until now). I became very nauseous off and on throughout the day with random headaches almost daily. A bit nervous I took 2 urine pregnancy test. The first I could not tell if there was a faint positive or not, since it was mid-day urine I repeated it the next morning with first morning urine and got a negative result. Still obsessively wondering if I could be pregnant, I asked my Dr for a blood test (QUALITATIVE, not quantative) which of course was negative last week. My nausea, and headaches are persistent and recently I've developed an odd sensation at random in my abdomen, similar to the sensation of a gas bubble that goes away in several seconds. My next step is asking for an ultrasound to confirm I'm either pregnant (3-4 months) or just crazy. Thoughts? Stories!? Could this all be in my head given my pregnancy paranoia? Should I investigate further? Don't laugh...but I just "feel" pregnant.
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Thu, 04-19-2012 - 10:58am
Hello and welcome!

I can understand your concern, especially when it seems as if you are having symptoms of pregnancy. However, I would imagine that your blood results would be pretty definitive. By 3-4 months of pregnancy, it should show in your blood work for sure. Could it be that these symptoms you are experiencing are a direct result of the change in birth control? I know some birth controls can make you gain weight and the hormone changes could explain your headaches and sore breasts. Just a thought! However, if you continue feeling this way, I'd strongly suggest you return to your doctor to let him/her know what you've been experiencing. Best of luck to you and please keep us posted!

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