Sore breast - could I be pregnant?

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Sore breast - could I be pregnant?
Thu, 02-07-2013 - 3:58am

I am a healthy, 29 year old, and a week ago I noticed that my right breast was sore on the outside (near armpit) around the entire underneath, in a semi-circle.  The soreness is similar to pre-period soreness, but maybe a little more sore than normal and only in 1 breast.  Of course now it's a little hard to evaluate since I keep poking and prodding thinking maybe I will find a lump or something so I'm sure I'm making it a little worse.  Moreover, I don't get my period for another week from today, and I typically don't experience breast pain as far as 2 weeks before my period. 

I am on birth control (have been for about 12 years) and around when I first noticed the soreness, I accidentally took 2 pills on the same night, a few hours apart.  As a result, I didn't take a pill on the following night.  I can't remember though if the soreness started after this occurred; I think the soreness started before I messed up the pills.

I'm in law school and gained some weight last semester, so I'm started to get back into my workout routine, which includes weight lifting and running.  I also commute an hour or more to school with a backpack.  I thought maybe I strained a muscle in my breast either at the gym or carrying my heavy books, but it feels like more than just a muscle strain.

I had been at the same weight for awhile - about 8-10 pounds more than my comfortable weight of 126 when I'm working out 6 days/week - and was at that weight for weeks or even months last semester and through the holidays, basically without ever working out.  I've jumped up to 134-136 pounds few times before, including two years ago during my first year of law school, but never more than it.  Last month, however, I seemingly suddenly gained more weight and am about 141.  I have started hitting the gym again over the past month, and am not eating particularly unhealthy, and I am still stuck at 141. 

My husband was concerned about my weight gain so I took an EPT pregnancy test 2 weeks ago but it was negative.   My last period was 3 weeks ago and seemed normal.  If it's worth anything, on and off over the past 4-6 weeks I've also noticed a different vaginal smell at times.  The only way I can describe it is it seems to smell more like blood or iron or something.  It's not particularly odorous, I just notice it when I go to the bathroom.  No other changes down there.

So my questions are:

Should I be concerned about the breast pain since it's in only 1 breast and so early before my period?  Should I make an appointment with my gyno about the breast pain?  Could it be simply an early sign of pregnancy? 

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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Thu, 02-07-2013 - 1:23pm

Hmmm.  Hard to say what is going on.  It doesn't sound like pregnancy to me.  You are on the pill, have had a negative HPT, and are only experiencing the soreness in one breast.  If it were a sign of early pregnancy, it would be achy all over, not just in one spot of one breast.  I think I'd suggest calling your doctor's office and asking to talk to a nurse.  Explain your symptoms and see if they want you to come in (my guess is that they will).  Good luck and let us know what you find out!