Teen pregnancy ?

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Teen pregnancy ?
Fri, 11-04-2011 - 11:00pm
Two months late for my period. Took three tests two weeks after I missed my first period, all were negative , it's now a month later and still no sign of it . I don't know if it's because I got off my depo shot , or if it's pregnancy .

My boobs have never been sore in my life , even when growing , but the last two weeks my left boob (around areola & nip) is very sore to touch . After school every day I come home and sleep , & I never use the restroom in school (very dirty) and this past week I've been going , I barely drink during the day . So I'm not sure , any moms ? Or expecting moms ?
Please and thanks !
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Sun, 11-06-2011 - 8:10pm
Have you taken any more tests? Coming off the depo could be causing it as it may take your body a few months to adjust to the difference in the hormone levels. Take a pregnancy test and make a doctor's appointment (even if the test is negative so you can discuss the missed periods).