Is there a baby?

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Is there a baby?
Fri, 12-20-2013 - 9:05am

Hi! I am new here. I am a 34 yo single mommy to two girls and a boy. They are 13, 12 & 10. My ex husband and I started early in our marriage. I was 20, 21 & 23 when I had my babes. He had a V after our son was born, so I never had to worry about BC. And now I am not able to take BC because of a believed clotting disorder. I seem to like to throw pulmonary embolisms. I still need to get genetic testing. I am seeing a guy now, first person since my ex and I split over a year ago. He is aware I am not on BC and we don't always use any protection, I know, not very smart. So here it is:

I had my LMP on Nov. 25. My cycle it typically 30-31 days, give or take. Based on that I should of ovulated around Dec 11, which is on point due to CM changes. We did it on Dec 10 and he didn't finish in me. I know that isn't 100% as my youngest daughter is proof of that. This is what I have been experiencing since Dec 13:

Increased hunger (I barely ever hungry or eat but always hungry now)
Tingly in my right breast
Nausea at night
Fullness in my pelvic region and some pangs on the right side.
I can't quit include the achy lower back as I am still under a year out from lower lumbar surgery 

Then with my AF not being due until the 25/26 ot Dec and posibbly ovulation the 10 or the 11 I started light cramping Tuesday Night and into Wednesday. It is not heavy at all. But, The cramping has stopped as of today. I did eat something last night and was very nauseated to the point of almost throwing up. I am still lightly bleeding. I wore a pad last night (I usually wear tampons) and not even filling the pad but a couple of drops here and there that is dark in nature. It is still dark brown to dark dark red/brown. However, this morning I have had some mucousy dark clots which from my understanding is not normal. However, when I do clot it is towards the end of AF and very thick clots and this is thin and stretchy. Is it possible to clot with IB? I also had major acne break out yesterday.

I did a HPT this morning and it is still negative. Could have started my AF real early or is it possible this is implantation bleeding?


JAS's mommy!

PS I haven't been on ivillage in a very long time.  Since my youngest was born and he is 10.

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Mon, 12-23-2013 - 9:43am
Hi there, It sure does sound like you are experiencing a lot of the symptoms of early pregnancy. Reading your post, I instantly thought it could be implantation bleeding and it may just be too early to test yet. Is it normal for you to spot between periods? As hard as it is to wait, I think that's what I'd suggest. Once your period is late, you have the best chance of getting an accurate test result. Wishing you the very best of luck. Please keep us posted on how you are doing!

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