Very weird please read

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Very weird please read
Wed, 11-06-2013 - 11:40am

So my last period was abnormal. It was 2 days of brown spotting only when I wiped. Then one day of normal/heavy bleeding and ripping cramps, followed by two more days of brown spotting when I wiped. 

after that I had cramps just about daily, very mild and managable cramps. 

My period was due Monday November 4th. 

However! last Friday I ended up in the er with severe ripping cramps again. It turns out I had a baseball to large grapefruit sized ovarain cyst and I had surgery on Saturday to remove it and my ovary. During the exam the dr asked me multiple times if I had ever been told that I had an enlarged uterus (because it was enlarged). No I haven't. 

Anyway over the course of Friday and Saturday I had a ct scan, an abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound and surgery. I also had multiple blood tests but was never told anything about them other than my blood cell count was normal. 

I spotted a tiny but on Monday and slightly more on Tuesday because I overdid it but today nothing! So my period is late. Is it normal to miss one after surgery? And why would my uterus be enlarged?

thahis for reading. 


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Thu, 11-07-2013 - 8:06am
I've never had personal experience with this, but I have heard that cycles can be disrupted by things such as surgery. Other than pregnancy, I'd never heard of an enlarged uterus so I did a little google search and this is what it came up with: Hopefully that can give you a few ideas? It sounds like your blood count was normal so you should be able to cross a few things off the list.

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