weird happenings month 2

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weird happenings month 2
Thu, 08-25-2011 - 2:45pm
So I posted last month about a late period and symtoms that turned out to be severe pms which is pretty common for me. Also looking back my cycles have been averaging 30 days. But going through the confusion made me realize I wouldn't mind another baby.
So I watched for o symtoms and dtd. Which ironically ended up being day 14. But I covered my bases ;) is day 28 of my cycle. I have had horribly sore breasts since day 16. Other than that NO pms symptoms except fatigue this last week. And on day 26 I spotted. I have also spotted today. It is definately just spotting...almost non existant. And I wasn't expecting my period until around day 30.
Now what is making me wonder is that I don't have cramps. I ALWAYS always always have horrible cramps with my period.
So...thoughts...could this be implatation bleeding?

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Fri, 08-26-2011 - 10:15pm
If you did ovulate of day 14 and you did manage to get pregnant, it could be implantation bleeding, but it seems like it's on the longer time frame of things. From everything I read, implantation usually takes about 5-10 days (sometimes less and sometimes more) from fertilization.

I'd recommend waiting a few more days to see if your period comes and if it doesn't, then test. Once implantation occurs, you start making HCG. It takes a few days for the HCG level to get high enough to show up on a HPT, so if you just now are starting to make HCG, it may take a few days to get an accurate result on the HPT. Good luck!!