Wishing for a slow yes instead of a fast no

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Wishing for a slow yes instead of a fast no
Mon, 06-20-2011 - 9:08pm


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Interesting! It sure does sound like you are experiencing many of the signs of pregnancy. Do you think it is possible that you were experiencing implantation bleeding instead of your period? If it was implantation bleeding, you should be able to take a home pregnancy test now as your period would really be considered late.

Good luck and please let us know what you find out!

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If you are far enough along for pregnancy symptoms, you should be far enough along for a positive pregnancy test. If you want to take a test now and then retest later you can, or you can just wait to see if your period comes in July. Some women still have periods while pregnant, so that alone doesn't mean you aren't pregnant (especially if you are having other symptoms).

If you don't want to take a HPT, you could ask your doctor for a blood test. Good luck!