AF 12 days later but still a BFN! Advice from women with similar situation..

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AF 12 days later but still a BFN! Advice from women with similar situation..
Sat, 01-14-2012 - 3:10am

I haven't posted on any of these boards in a while and even then, it wasn't much. However, you ladies seem to know more than my own family.

My DH and I have been trying for 7 months now and nothing. This month has been very different. I'm 12 days late but no bfp. I realized the length of my lateness today. I'm giving af a few more days and then it's time to make an appt. I just don't want to go down and hear no and blame it on stress or something close to that. I'd be much happier strutting down there after seeing the happy two liner, plus sign, BFP! :0/ This isn't my norm but I have been late just no more than 5 days. Reasons have me so confused though. Hear our my "symptoms": mood swings, libido seems low (then again dh is um, very active.), feeling dizzy at random times, and random nauseousness. I noticed I've been eating less as well but not in a bad way.

I've tried clearblue and accuclear pregnancy test and checked both in the morning when my hcg are suppose to be higher. I'm just curious if any one has been in this situation and if so, what happened?

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Welcome to the boards. This board is kind of slow, so you might want to also check out the TTC boards to see if any of the ladies there have been through similar. Have you talked to your OBGYN about trying and being unsuccessful so far? You might want to start talking to them and ask if they can test your hormone levels (including your thyroid hormones) to see if there is something else going on there.