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Sat, 08-18-2007 - 12:34pm

This may be a dumb question but... I am on day 28 from my LMP. Teh past 5 months have been extremely stressful and I have gotten my period every other week for 3 months...crazy huh!! lst period was on July 23rd and lasted about 4 days. I have not gotten AF since. My breast have been extremely tender, have had shooting pains in them and 2 nights this week I was sweating profusely with pains as if my boobs were going to explode. They are not painful to walk but I can't lie on my stomach. i never get these symptoms when expecting AF. Also some nack pain which I never experience. The only thing that I have gotten which I do experience is cramping.
My stress level has gone down so maybe that is why it hasn't gotten here yet. I am not using BCP but my husbnads withdraws and puts on a condom before anything happens...not 100% I know. I took 2 tests both - but I am still wondering.

I am going crazy please help

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Sun, 08-19-2007 - 7:29am
Oh hon... I'm really not sure why your af is late.