could i be pregnant?

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could i be pregnant?
Sat, 04-26-2003 - 10:24am
ok a year and a half ago my doctor put me on birth control to regulate my cycle, since that time it has come like clock work, untill just recently. In March I couldn't afford my pills so my mom told me that I would most likely get a heavier period than normal and I figured that is what would happen b/c that is what happened to her and a girl I work with. So my time came and no period, I waited and waited and even bought a hpt then finally six days late it arrived, i figured it was late to due to the skipped pills. It lasted its normal duration although it was lighter and I didn't get cramps( very odd for me) so than after it started up I started my pill pack on sunday and continued like I never missed and thing. So twelve days after my period stopped it came back, I got a little nervous but my boyfriend said maybe its just b/c of last month. This time it only lasted three days and was pinkish brown the whole time and lighter than in march. So now four days after that stopped the bleeding is back and now I am starting to worry. My boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex through out both months ( i know your thinking if you aren't using birth control use a condom,well we look at it this way if i get preg. than yay and if i don't then yay so either way we are happy) so know i am wondering has this happened to anyone and can anyone please help me?

Thanks Bee...