Gut Instinct vs. BhCG test.

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Gut Instinct vs. BhCG test.
Sat, 08-04-2007 - 9:50pm

I'm horrible at writing these things, but hopefully I'll be able to write this so it's not as confusing as it seems.

I have gotten conflicting results, but I am nearly certain I am pregnant.

My last period came on July 1, and was a week late. Counting four weeks from then, my period should have come on July 29. Counting four weeks from when my period should have come, I should have gotten AF on July 22.

I took a HPT on July 28, and got a BFP!!
July 31, I went to see my GP to get a confirmed result and she got a BFN. She sent me for a quantitative hCG test (I had blood drawn on the 31, and Aug. 2). Friday, her office called to tell me that she got back "a part" of my result and it was negative.

I know that blood tests are supposed to be the most accurate, but I've got pregnancy symptoms up the wazoo. And it's not just me that has noticed them either.

I went onto and looked at their top 10 symptoms. I've added my comments after the hyphen.

10. Tender, swollen breasts - YUP! As silly as this sounds, it hurts to even LOOK at them. They're super sensitive and wearing a bra feels like the equivilent to Chinese water torture. Especially sensitive around the nipple/areola.
9. Fatigue - I'm usually a 4-6 hour sleeper. I've been a 9-11 hour sleeper for the past couple of weeks and am barely functioning. I get home from work and am absolutely wiped.
8. Implantation bleeding - Not that I can think of. Closest I've gotten is a faint red/pink discharge when I wiped. Once.
7. Nausea or vomiting - I've changed my name to "Queen of Nausea".
6. Increased sensitivity to odors - Yes. Resulting in nausea (usually just results in sinus discomfort).
5. Abdominal bloating - Not that I can tell by looking, but pants feel much tighter, and any pressure on abdomen causes pain.
4. Frequent urination - Not really, no.
3. A missed period - Yep.
2. Your basal body temperature stays high - No idea, have never measured that. I'm constantly feeling like I've got a low-grade fever though...
1. The proof: A positive home pregnancy test - Yes. (and no.)

Needless to say, I'm quite frustrated. Should I believe the doctor's results, or should I trust my gut instinct (as well as all the symptoms).


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Sun, 08-05-2007 - 8:04am
Oh Sweetie... talk about being in between a rock and a hard place.


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Sun, 08-05-2007 - 3:29pm

Sweetie, I'm so terribly sorry but I think if your blood test results came back negative then you're probably not pregnant. I know that isn't what you want to hear and you should still make an appointment with your dr just to be sure. It sucks so bad that AF symptoms are way too close to those of pregnancy. I found some information online that I'll post below and hopefully that might help you out some. Sending lots of P&PTs for a good outcome and better luck next cycle!! :) Big hugs!

False Positive Pregnancy Test Results and What Causes Them
A false positive pregnancy test is when the test says that you are pregnant but actually you are not. This is a one off case and a positive pregnancy test is a pretty good indication that you are pregnant. False positive pregnancy tests are rare - though there are instances and conditions where they can occur.

There could be various reasons for a false positive test.

Chemical Pregnancy
A chemical pregnancy is basically an early miscarriage. Research has shown that half of all first pregnancies end in miscarriage. Due to the high sensitivity of home pregnancy tests, many women catch early pregnancies but end up going on to have their periods due to a chemical pregnancy.

Missed Reaction Time
For accuracy in home pregnancy tests it is essential that you read the test results in the stipulated reaction time. If you let the test sit for too long (after the instructions on the box tell you), the test is invalid. This may cause it to show false positive results.

Chemical Interference

Drugs that have the pregnancy hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in them can cause incorrect results in home pregnancy tests. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in them may be responsible for the false positive pregnancy test. If you have had an HCG shot due to infertilty treatments, you need to be sure the shot is out of your system before you attempt to use early pregnancy tests.

Evaporation Lines

While technically not a true pregnancy, some pregnancy tests leave a faint evaporation line as the urine crosses the test. This faint very light grey evaporation line in the test area is often interpretted as a positive result.
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Mon, 08-13-2007 - 12:53pm

I am in the same boat as you, only my AF has been missing for 3 months! I got a BFP at home, and then went in for a blood test and they got a BFN back in early June, but I still have all the symptoms that go along with how far along I would be (10 wks). My dr. even gave me and Rx to jump start AF in July and it did not work. They also tested for everything blood related then too, and nothing out of the ordinary.

I am going in tomorrow to an OBGYN to get a pelvic done to rule everything out. But, I have had every possible symptom, morning sickness, nausea, fatigue, constipation, sore bbs, huge bbs (I've gone from a big B to a small D in two months!) and I've gained 10 lbs in the last two months, very unusual for me since I am small to begin with and haven't gained any weight in years! I look prg, and some people have even noticed. I just wish I knew either way, because at least if I am, I will know why I feel the way I do and the weight gain is warranted. If I'm not then there is something major wrong with me.

I have heard the only true way to know if you are prg is when you actually see a child coming out of you and urine and blood aren’t always 100%. So lets hope that the tests are wrong.

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Mon, 08-13-2007 - 1:11pm
HAve you retested at home? I'm just curious if you have what those results are. I would have to retest if the symptoms continued and there was no AF...
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Mon, 08-13-2007 - 2:22pm
I do re-test every once in awhile, but it's been every other; a BFP then a BFN and then another BFP, soooo confusing. My mom never tested + with urine either, so hopefully I'll get answers tomorrow.
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Mon, 08-13-2007 - 8:16pm
Please keep us posted...
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Wed, 08-15-2007 - 3:25pm

i'm planning on doing a home test tomorrow morning.

i don't know if it's just my mind being cruel and playing tricks on me or what, but it seems like the more time that goes by, the more and worse my symptoms get. /sigh.

my mom told me that she didn't test positive on a HPT when she was pregnant with me, but, well, she was obviously pregnant because i'm kindof living.

i have another appointment with my GP on the 21, so if i get a BFN tomorrow i guess i'll ask her to do another blood test or if there is anything else that can mimic the signs of pregnancy.

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Wed, 08-22-2007 - 11:20pm
I just thought that I would tell you and the gal that started this message that my friend tested at home and got BFP's on all 5 tests that she took. However, she went to the Dr and his testing came out negative and he thought she had a tumor in her abdomen!!! So, he sent her for an ultrasound to detect how big her tumor was and the tech found, instead, a 5month old fetus!! She now has a beautiful, sweet, and completely healthy baby girl! Amazing, I know! Good luck with everything!
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Wed, 08-29-2007 - 11:32am
My mother didn't test positive at the Doctors office until she was almost 4 months with all three of her children. She hadn't had a period in months and they even tried to give her a "period inducing" rx when she was pregnant with me, which she found out later could cause birth defects. If you are still showing up BFP on home tests. I wouldn't rule out the pregnancy. Good luck!