Need Advice!!

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Need Advice!!
Thu, 08-23-2007 - 12:18pm

Okay I think I need some opinions.

My LMP was July 21st and my cycle is 30 days. so I should have O'd around Aug 6th. Af was due Aug 20 and I'm late. (I'm almost never late.)

Starting on Aug 8 I started feeling occasional small waves of nausea and stomach pain. I tested on Aug 11, Aug 14, and Aug 17 all BFN's. My BB's aren't sensitive, I have been feeling a bit sleepier during the day, Headaches that last only about an hour. Not really painful but come on and off all day, Not wanting anything sweet and I LOVE everything sweet, A LOT of clear CM, areolas maybe spreading out (that maybe my imagination, not sure), Starting on the 8th (TMI warning!)I had diarrhea then on the 11th it turned to constipation and has been that since, Serious bloating,and just this instant I feel seriously dizzy (first time for that!)

Aug 23 will be 6 weeks since LMP and I'm getting impatient! What do all you think?


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Thu, 08-23-2007 - 2:37pm
OH Sweetie... It sounds like it could be possible, but you could have tested early.


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Thu, 08-23-2007 - 3:44pm
Yeah definetely take another test because you very well may have just tested too early. Good luck and KUP!
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Thu, 08-23-2007 - 7:47pm
Ya , I'm with ya. I had a faint positive a week ago, and now I am too chicken to test again. I wasn't trying to get prg so I didn't really keep track of my dates. I have a couple of kids so I know my sypmtoms. Do you have bleeding gums, hands fall asleep alot at night, or itchy eyes? Not that I think you should, but those are some of my tried and true prg symptoms that most people don't talk about (like in magazines and stuff)
But ya, the diahrrea has always been a symptom for me too, followed by constipation.
If you think you are late now...TAKE A TEST! I have a dr apt on Tues. but I don't know if I can wait that long. good luck, let us know how it turns out.