Post Colp and Missing AF

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Post Colp and Missing AF
Mon, 08-20-2007 - 2:24pm

I had a colposcopy for dysplasia a week and half ago. Before that I hadn't seen AF since June 23. They tested me there, but I was negative which is why they went ahead with the procedure. A week later...still nothing. I took 2 more home tests and both negative. Could the colposcopy have delayed AF? I heard that if anything they will make it sooner. Help! Should I get a blood test, is that more accurate, to be sure?

Any advice or similar situations that could be offered would be so HUGELY appreciated!

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Tue, 08-21-2007 - 8:39am
Oh Sweetie...
I'm really not sure. I know it can be pretty scary waiting for AF to arrive. I think calling your doctor is a great idea. They should be able to do some blood work and see other reasons why she hasn't come. Good luck and please keep us posted!

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