Rude Awakening...

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Rude Awakening...
Thu, 08-09-2007 - 8:00am

Well I started spotting just the faintest-faint-of-all-faints pink last night right before bed. I was sooo excited and just sure that it was implantation spotting since that's exactly what happened at 11 DPO with Scarlett. I went to bed happy as a lark, and was even dreaming about DH telling people he worked with that I was pregnant. Then about 3 am I woke to an all too familiar feeling, went into the bathroom and there she was - AF. She came 2 days early! What's up with that?! And there's no question about whether this is actually my period or not, it is. She came full force so there's no doubt.

Needless to say I'm dissapointed but I keep telling myself that if I HAD gotten pregnant on the first try that I would've felt like it was too good to be true and doomed. So I'm trying to stay positive and remember that everything happens for a reason. Like when I look at my daughter and remember all the BFNs I went through to get her - it all makes sense and is all worth it. I wasn't meant to have the baby I would've gotten pregnant with this cycle. Maybe next one...

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Thu, 08-09-2007 - 8:58am

Oh Stephi...

I'm sending you the biggest hug ever. I'm so sorry she showed. I'm sending out a ton go away AF vibes to you!!! HUGS!!!

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Thu, 08-09-2007 - 12:39pm

I'm so sorry Steph!

Two days early? Well, keep your fingers crossed for next cycle! Sorry you had all that hope last night and then today it was taken away from you. (((HUGS))) I am going to the doctor to have things checked out.


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Thu, 08-09-2007 - 3:39pm
I'm sorry she showed...
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Fri, 08-10-2007 - 10:29pm

You know, I wonder if one day there will be a day after BDing test. The 2ww is so cruel when it ends with our dear AF appearing. After 2 weeks of hope and overanalyzing our bodies and their reactions to everything, AF is tough. You now, when we were little, we were taught to beware of boys and sperm--even kissing too much and you'll get pg. now, when we know the facts of life, we can't manage to make that sperm and egg unite... what a seemingly unfair part of life...

But on that note, lots of baby dust your way for next month. The wonderful thing is it's not a one time shot... and it is a lot of fun trying... :)

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