Testing buddies roll call

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Testing buddies roll call
Mon, 08-13-2007 - 8:48pm

okay ladies of the "Post your symptoms here" thread this one's for you...

its time to rev up your engines get the hpts and start POAS like crazy.....My next af is expected the 16th, 17th, or 18th of this month....I am more than likley not pregnant since as of yesterday back pain, nausea, metal mouth, frequent peeing and sore boobs left...but i figure what the heck i'll test anyway......If any lady is testing either of those days respond to the post and lets poas to our hearts content...i hope and pray that we all get the results that we are hoping for, if not, its only 2 weeks away to try again...good luck ladies it has been fun...

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Tue, 08-14-2007 - 8:26am

Well, I'm not trying to get pregnant, but since I started ovulating this month everything has been really wierd and different. It feels like AF is coming and I've never felt anything while ovulating so I will test with you. Just let me know when you want to test.

THe data:

LMP: July 26-30/31
O: According to this website Aug 8th to the 13th
Signs since DAY 1 of O: Cramping every single day (not as harsh as menstral cramps), nausea off and on, bloatedness, diahrea, a little fatigue but can't tell if this is just from boredom at the moment.

Don't know if those signs are coming to early or not to mean anything, but as I said this is really odd for me because I never feel anything when ovulating. I am cramping now as we speak and felt sick to my stomach twice when I got up last night to use the bathroom.

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Fri, 08-24-2007 - 9:40pm
Hi, I didn't post in the thread you mentioned since there were a ton of posts. I tested today and I think I saw a very faint positive. It looked like there was a line immediately and then it was gone. I went back and looked an hour later and I could see a line. It looked pink to me, but it was very faint so it could just be my eyes playing tricks on me. I know evap lines are gray or have no color. I'm going to test tomorrow with a test that I know I can't see any evap lines...or didn't last month anyways. I feel pregnant, but I hope it's not my mind playing tricks on me, again. Edited to say, I'm due for AF on aug 26th, so it's still early I know. Till tomorrow... :)