Very odd circumstances, and don't know!

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Very odd circumstances, and don't know!
Thu, 07-21-2011 - 11:38pm

OK, so I have a strange situation, and I think I may possibly be pg, but I'm not sure how long to wait to test. I was on depo, so no AF, and so I have nothing to go by as far as being "late." My last shot was April 11- was due for my next one July 4 but didn't get it. We DTD July 8&9. I had a sponge tampon

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Since you were due for your last depo shot on July 4th, I'd suggest testing about a month after that if you haven't had a period yet at that point. Some people adjust to being off birth control faster than others, so there's no set point to go by. If the test comes back negative and you still don't get a period, I'd say test again a week or two later. If you continue to have sex before your periods resume, I'd continue testing every few weeks until your periods resume, just to be sure while waiting for your body to get back on track. Once your periods resume, you can then just watch out for a missed period before worrying about testing.