What is Going On?? (A Rant)

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What is Going On?? (A Rant)
Sun, 08-26-2007 - 9:55am

Okay so today marks a week that I'm late. I took a hpt on tuesday (1 day late) and it was BFN. So I patiently waited 5 days to test again. So here we are at today.

I wake up this morning at 7 because i have to pee and decide to go ahead and take a hpt. By the time i got it open and ready to pee on it, I had to really go. I have been using first response early result what have you. So i start to pee on it and i realize that i have the result window up (directions state it should be down)and completely pee all over the stick, including the result window. (there is a protective shield on the result window, but how reliable is that?)The test seemed to take longer than normal and the first thing I thought was I effin messed up the test after waiting 5 days and just wasted my morning sample. But after about 7 min or so I went back to check and it was BFN!!


I just don't understand if these tests can read such low levels and I'm a week late, then whats the hold up? I have a ton of symptoms. If I was 16 I would be SO knocked up, but no life is not that easy.


(smile and gritting teeth)But waiting is half the fun I guess

thanks for listening

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Sun, 08-26-2007 - 9:43pm

I so feel your pain!!!! For 8 years I taught high school in a high teen pregnancy area (In some classes, every 10th grader I had was a parent--a few even had 2 or 3). Now when I'm married and TTC, nothing. I keep getting the BFNs too. And I've used the stick upside down as well--it certainly didn't make me appear BFP... Oh well... I just really appreciated your rant! Thanks!

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Mon, 08-27-2007 - 7:51am
Oh how frustrating. Have you taken another test yet with the right side up? I don't imagine that having it upside down would really screw up the accuracy of the test but I could be totally wrong. Why don't you call the dr and go in for a blood test? That'll tell you for sure one way or another. Good luck and KUP!
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Mon, 08-27-2007 - 8:36am
Oh Hon!!! I'm so sorry. I'm sure if you peed on the wrong side it would mess the test, then again, I'm not a doctor. I'd say if you're a week late and nothing yet and you keep getting negatives, I would call your doctor. That way they'll be able to do a blood test. Please keep us posted HUGS!!!

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Mon, 08-27-2007 - 9:37am
An excellent site is peeonastick.com - it tests all the brands and also does experiments. I can tell you this, I have peed on them in all directions, and got a positive everytime, and according to that site which side is up doesn't affect the test.
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Mon, 08-27-2007 - 10:05am
Don't feel bad. I took well 10 hpt test after i was 3 months preg and all said that i wasn't preg. I had morning sickness from when I was 7 weeks until I was about 14 weeks. i took the tests all in the morning with the first pee of the day. I tried everything from ept, to first response, clear blue, and a bunch of generic ones and they all said negative. I had two seperate blood tests tell me negative one when i would have been 15 weeks and the other when i was 19 weeks preg. It wasn't until I decided to just get an ultrasound done so that i would be 100% sure that I wasn't that I found out I was preg. Some peoples bodys don't produce enough of the hormone to change over tests. It happens. And sometimes it is just to early to tell. I wish you the best of luck.
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Mon, 08-27-2007 - 1:56pm
I know where you are coming from!! My af was due 8/23 so I am 4 days late. My period aways lets me know its coming days in advance... with cramps and the whole 9 yards!! I just dont feel like I am going to get my period any day soon. Do you have any cramps or anything like that?? I took a test on the 24th and 27th...BFN!!! AHHHH!! Driving me crazy... Keep me posted!! Baby dust to you.. good luck!!


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Wed, 08-29-2007 - 11:15pm
It was kind of crazy that I read this message today. I am almost 5 days late and just a few hours ago I took a First Response too and it came oit neg! I did exactly what the directions said to do I urinated on it facing down and I felt like I did it wrong too. It took so long for the results to show up and it didn't look like it was wet enough. If my period doesn't show up by Sunday when I am a week late I am going to test again. Good luck and let us know your out come.
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Sun, 09-02-2007 - 3:49pm
I hear you although I don't hink waiting is that fun it drives me crazy to I don't know how much I've spent on hpts so far. I am not at day 12po and I was negative today. I feel full breasts I even had a bloody nose yesterday morning which is supposed to be another sign (I never have that) it's hard I know I hope you get your wish even though the process is fun it is very frustrating when things don't go as you want then to right away. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for us both.