Local births~ just the boys!

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Local births~ just the boys!
Thu, 04-24-2003 - 1:54pm
These babies were born mid to late March, 2003 in several local hospitals

in my area. Sibling are listed in ( ). I put an ( * ) next to my faves.

Names beginning with A, C, D (and J, of course!) seem to be extremely popular this month!




Adam Michael

Alex Lee

Allen Kirk

Andrew William*

Angel Ricardo

Anthony Joseph (Cameron)

Anthony Michael (Brianna)

Antonio Julio

Apostle John (there’s one for you, Suzanne! ;)

Austin James (Skyler)

Ayden Daniel (Michael)

Blake Alexander

Blake Everett (Brianna)

Brandon Lee

Cade Daniel* (Brody)

Caleb Michael


Cameron Joseph

Cameron Mitchell

Cason Robert~ cute, though I prfer Casen Robert or Casey Robert

Cirron Cortez

Clarence James (Jannissa & Isaiah)~ parents are Annisa & Clarence!

Clayton James*


Corey James

Coty Francis (Corey & Kamden)

Dakota Edward

Damien Westley*

Daniel Connelly*

Daniel James

Darrell Tyrone

Darren Dawon

D’Nigel Nikaylin Jukoree

Dominic James


Dylan James* (Kayle)

Edward (Timofey & Taeesa)~ um… this baby weighed… (brace yourselves)… 11 pounds 10 ounces!!!

Edward Orlando

Elliott Gerheart

Enrico Raphael

Eric Steven

Fillipo Zavarie, III (Zoyie)

Foster James (Schuyler~boy & Emersen~ girl)*~ I love these, though I prefer Schuyler for a boy

Giovanni Delano

Glen Charles

Henry Walling


Jack Peter

James Lavar Alan

Jaden Hunter

Jayden Alexander

Jayden Antwyon

Joey Thomas

Jordan Franklin

Joseph Matthew

Joseph Peter

Joshua David

Josiah Shi’ran

Justice Charles (Jonathan & Jessy)Justis David (baseball fan?!)

Kyle Andrew

Leonard Christian

Lucas Dominick (Camryn)

Lyle (Herbert)~ little Lyle was so cute~ I think these could grow on me! :)

Manojh Sai

Marcus Alexander*

Matthew John (Zachary)*~ these are cute for brothers

Michael Frank

Michael Patrick



Nicholas James (Carolyn)*~ very nice sibling pair

Noah Allen Christian (Mark & Matthew)


Patrick Matthew (born on St. Patrick’s Day)

Quinten David~ cute, but I prefer Quentin

Rex Jacob

Ryan Kristopher

Ryan Patrick (Rhiannon)~ Ryan & Rhiannon?!


Samuel Michael

Samuel Paton

Saqib Yasin (Saad, Sidra, Mohsin)

Silas Marq (father's name was Mark~ now Silas Mark I like!)

Scott David

Tanner Robert

Tyler Evan (I thought of you, Alison! :)

Tylor Dontae’ (Triloni)


Wyatt Douglas*

Wyatt Minturn (Tad)~ Wyatt & Tad are cute together!

Xander Michael

Zak James


Aaron David/Brandon Christopher

Jacob & Justin

See anything interesting?

~Carol, mama to Abigail & Jonah :)

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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 2:11pm
How fun. We get to use the new folder!!

Andrew William

Austin James (Skyler)

Caleb Michael

Damien Westley

Dylan James (Kayle)

Foster James

Jaden Hunter

Kyle Andrew

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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 2:43pm
My favorites:

Andrew William

Caleb Michael


Cameron Joseph

Cameron Mitchell


Dylan James (Kayle)

Joshua David


Nicholas James (Carolyn)

Ryan Kristopher - I prefer Christopher

Ryan Patrick (Rhiannon)


Wyatt Douglas

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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 6:03pm

I like Dominic James best from this list!

Thanks for sharing, Carol!



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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 8:40am
Oh dear, an Ayden? What's up with this kreative spellin trend? It's so over done 90s in my book!

I noticed a Damien. I think that name is becoming popular. I know a little Damian in my town and my sister seriously considered it for Celia had she been a boy.