University of Idaho Alumni babies

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University of Idaho Alumni babies
Sat, 04-26-2003 - 10:56pm
There are some unusal ones here.These are 1st and middle names

Havana Mills -Girl

Lily Kathleen*

Adam Drake

Ryan John

Thomas Crandell*

Holley Anne

Mikayla Kay(redundent or what ?)

Estella Maria(parents Brooke and Jesse with common none Hispanic last name)

Lexi Katrina and Emma Louise*(sisters not twins)

Kayla Jean

Cameron Joseph* and Delaney Lynn (not twins)

A.River(father is Aubrey)-Boy

Hayden Jarrad

Solomon Thomas

Talitha Cosette

Kimiko Brandon-boy

Samuel Hawk

Allyson Rachel*(mom is Rachel)

Benjamin James,Linnea Joy,and Fern Elizabeth

Dillon,Austin,Sydney(Girl) and Chynna

Kati Kristin and Emma Lee

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Mon, 04-28-2003 - 10:22am
Havana Mills

Adam Drake

Ryan John

Estella Maria

Lexi Katrina and Emma Louise

Cameron Joseph and Delaney Lynn

Hayden Jarrad

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Sun, 05-04-2003 - 3:11am
Those are awsome names

I have two nieces myself.

Their names?

Cherrisy Fern Faith and Kaysie Eloise Odetha

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Tue, 05-06-2003 - 11:01pm
There are some interesting names here.Thank you.