Addison, Cora & ... cont.

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Addison, Cora & ... cont.
Tue, 05-04-2010 - 6:43pm

Hello all!

So we've finally narrowed down the names for the first time finally sitting down and talking about it. If we have a girl, her name will be Zoe Claire (spelling of Zoe not chosen yet) but if it's a boy, we've narrowed it down to between Tobias Geoffrey Arthur and Geoffrey Arthur. However, we are still searching for other boy names that we both agree on and just to explain, Geoffrey is my DH's name and Arthur is my BIL name which is the closest thing my DH has ever had to a dad. For a boy's name, if you have any suggestions, we do not care for names that are unisex and lean more towards names not common and a little older. We thought of going for a name that starts with B (although not stuck on the idea) but haven't come up with any that we both like.

For anyone who hadn't read the other post, I am currently at 28 weeks and our two other children are Addison (DS, 3 years) and Cora (DD, 22 months) and just in case you may be thinking it since I made a specific comment about unisex names above, we named Addison right before the name really hit the fan as a girl's name and I had never heard it as a girl's name before a few months after he was born. Sorry so long. Thanks again.


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Wed, 05-05-2010 - 9:45am

How about Brooks for a boy. I love that name and it goes very well with a brother named Addison.

Of you choices, I prefer Tobias as a first name over Geoffrey.

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Wed, 05-05-2010 - 3:35pm

I like Tobias and Toby for a nn.

For a B name, I really like Bradley (nn: Brad). It is older, not common these days, and masculine.


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