Eighth child! Amelie????

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Eighth child! Amelie????
Thu, 08-16-2012 - 11:38pm


I used to post often on this board, but haven't been around for awhile.  We are now expecting our eighth child, and we just found out it's a girl.

Our other kids names are:

Clara Margaret

Sophia Mae

Eva Katherine

Philip Thomas

Julia Elizabeth

Peter Joseph

William Paul

Since all of our girl names end in "a", this little girl needs a similar sounding name.  I'm thinking of Amelia Rose, but calling her Amelie (German name--AH-me-lee).  The pronunciation will be a stickler at times (what? Emily?), but I don't mind.  My experience with other children I know who have unusual sounding names is that people pick up the pronunciations quickly.

My question is, do you like Amelia/Amelie with my other children's names?  Are there other names I should consider?  Like I said, the formal name should end in an "a," but I am looking for names that can be shortened to cute nicknames.  Our Sophia goes by Sophie.

Thanks for the help!!

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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 8:32am

Hi there.  

Your children have wonderful, classic names.  

Amelia Rose is perfect w/your crew, & I love the name Amelia.  It's my kitty's name, & we call her Mia most of the time.  

I think that Amelie sounds cute, but it's such a stand alone name that it seems weird as a nn.  I say you do one or the other.

Another option would be Emilia nn Millie.  I love that one.  Assuming that you don't call William Billy, I guess.  

Hope this helps. :smileyhappy:


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Sat, 08-18-2012 - 12:17am
Hi, Cynthia! Well, honestly, it's one of my least favorite naming situations-which I hate to have to say. Amelie is so lovely on it's own, and it doesn't seem like it should be pulled out of Amelia-it seems very contrived. My #1 "Please really consider this" suggestion for you is Octavia nn Tavia (I'd pronounce it ta-via, rather than TAY-via) I know a girl named Tavia (just the short form), and I love it. I really love the birth order connection of it. Some other suggestions:

Adalia-Day, Ada, Adds
Alessia- Ally
Andra- Andie
Anina- Nina
Arabella- Belle, Bella
Danica/Danika-Dani, Nica/Nika
Dorothea- Thea
Francesca-Fay, Cesca, Frannie, Frankie
Georgina-Geo, Georgie
Josefina- Josie
Kerensa- Ren, Kay
Katerina- Kit, Kat, Rina
Lilliana- Lily, Lil
Louisa- Lou
Marina-May, Rina
Matilda-May, Tilly
Renata- Ren
Tabitha- Tib, Tibs, Tibby, Bitsie
I'd love to know if anything jumps out at you_or feel free to critique the whole list. Super congrats, btw!!

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Mon, 08-20-2012 - 12:01am

Thank for the input, ladies.  I appreciate the suggestiongs too.  My other name choices I'm considering are:

Rosa (Rose)

Maria (Marie)

Louisa (Lucy)

I do still love Amelie, but I agree that it could seem a bit forced.  My DH's precious grandmother is Emelia, age 99.  We've toyed with naming a daughter after her, but I remember telling me that if we ever used her name, to make sure we spelled it with an "A".  She hated having her name misspelled all her life.

So, back to Amelia.  Does it get lost with all the other "a" ending names in our family?  Should we just call her Amelia, or keep looking for another name like the names above?

I know Amelia can be shortened to Mia and Amy, but I'm not a big fan of either name.

Thanks again!

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Tue, 08-21-2012 - 6:40pm
Okay, so after this post I have a clearer picture of your ideas about naming-very helpful! I would put all of these name combinations into the same category as Amelia nn Amelie-there would be a birth name and a nn that is usually considered it's own full name. I really think in this case you should definitely go with Amelia nn Amelie-it's your favorite and the other names you like present the same name situation. I do think Amelia and Amelie are both quite lovely, (plus the connection to the grandmother) so my advice is to stick with them, for sure!
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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 12:28pm

I prefer amelie over amelia, but seeing the other names amelia would work better, i also really like amalia. mn: grace, helen, lou, luise. but rose would work the best, imo.