Europe meeting USA in girl's name....and I need help.

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Europe meeting USA in girl's name....and I need help.
Tue, 09-11-2012 - 8:00am

Our first child has american first name and czech mn (Ellamae Josefina), this time we want to do it the other way around. the names on our list are not common in czech at all. well, they would be considered rare, very rare, but we like them and they work in english as well. at least that is what we think. I would love to know: Do you like them, any other ideas, opinions, which one would YOU pick....oh and yeah, we seriousely need some mn as well..... so this is what we have and I feel we need help. thank you.






this is the top, also on th elist are: Amalie, Amelie, Marie, Celestina, Cecilie, Viktorie, Leopoldina, Magdalena, Annastazie.

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Leonora isn't on your list, but it is my top suggestion. I think it's really great with sister Ellamae. I like Celestina, Amelie and Magdalena from your list. Leopoldina is absolutely fantastic, so I may love that one. I also really like Marie-I think it is a good option with really anything on your list as a mn. Keep us posted!
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oh, how funny, we had Eleonora on the top of our list for over a month and then we realized it would get shorten to Ella, which we already use for our # 1.... we just never thought of Leonora. I love it. hope husband will as well :-). thank you for your input.