Flapper Names

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Flapper Names
Wed, 05-12-2010 - 10:48pm

I am in love with vintage, girly, flapper names. I would like your feedback on any of these names and how they strike you. Love them? Hate them? Why? Thanks!

* Ruby
* Lulu
* Bette
* Olive
* Trixie
* May
* Ivy
* Iris
* Estelle
* Scarlett
* Coco
* Anna
* Stella
* Daisy
* Minnie
* Zelda
* Violet
* Rose
* Maggie
* Cleo
* Ella
* Hazel
* Mabel
* Genevieve
* Clementine
* Bernadette
* Gussie
* Mary
* Mimi
* Hannah
* Marilyn
* Lily
* Tess
* Opal
* Pearl
* Eloise

-Dianne, 41 yo
DH 37

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Thu, 05-13-2010 - 12:44am
Ruby - So cute and spunky but also classy and grows up well. I have liked this name for years, and I love seeing it used IRL.
* Lulu - Way, way too nicknamey for my taste, not classy, doesn't grow up well
* Bette - Meh
* Olive - I'm liking this more and more lately
* Trixie - Only as a NN, not fair to her to have to grow up and introduce herself as an adult as Trixie
* May - Same category as Ruby
* Ivy - Same category as Ruby
* Iris - Ditto
* Estelle - Still sounds a little old to me
* Scarlett - Meh
* Coco - Same as Lulu; this is like a pet's name, not a person's real FN
* Anna - Boring to me
* Stella - Cute but stalle, IMO
* Daisy - Too nicknamey for me, but not nearly so much as Lulu or Coco
* Minnie - Not a standout
* Zelda - Still sounds old to me
* Violet - Meh
* Rose - Meh
* Maggie - Too nicknamey
* Cleo - Cute!
* Ella - Boring, every little girl is Ella
* Hazel - Cute
* Mabel - Nah
* Genevieve - It's OK, not a standout IMO
* Clementine - OK on paper, but people will call her Clem or Clemmie, which I'd hate
* Bernadette - She'll be Bernie, no matter what you try to call her, and I'd hate that
* Gussie - Very unattractive and calls to mind Gassy
* Mary - OK
* Mimi - Like Lulu
* Hannah - Like Ella
* Marilyn - OK
* Lily - Cute, a little stale
* Tess - Like Ella
* Opal - Still sounds old to me
* Pearl - Like May
* Eloise - I dislike names with along o and long e next to each other, sounds bad to my ear, JMHO
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Thu, 05-13-2010 - 8:57am

I love (because they are classic and beautiful): Ruby, Ivy, Iris, Scarlett, Anna, Daisy, Violet, Maggie (as a nickname for Margaret, not a given name), Hazel, Mabel, Genevieve, Clementine, Tess, Pearl

Okay (kind of boring): Olive, Estelle, Stella, Mary

Okay (overused): May, Lily, Hannah, Ella

Okay (sound old-ladyish): Rose, Opal

Okay (not my style): Marilyn, Eloise

Dislike (sound like a stripper): Lulu, Trixie, Coco, Minnie, Mimi

Dislike (sound old): Bette, Bernadette

Dislike (sound ugly): Zelda, Cleo, Gussie



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Thu, 05-13-2010 - 2:21pm

I love this style of name too!

My thoughts-

* Ruby-This is sweet. I like how it's fun & girly for a kid, but still grows up well.

* Lulu-This is darling for a nn. I particularly like Louisa or Eloise.

* Bette-I also like this as a nn. Perhaps for Elizabeth, Beatrix, or Beatrice.

* Olive-It's difficult to think of this w/out picturing an actual Olive.

* Trixie-Love it! Only as a nn for Beatrix really, but it's so so cute.

* May-This is nice, but seems a bit too short.

* Ivy-Nice, but I'm starting to get sick out it.

* Iris-Meh, this is okay. I'm seeing it a lot too.

* Estelle-This is fun, but I love love love Estella.

* Scarlett-I like it, but spelled Scarlet.

* Coco-This one is a bit cheesy, but it's better as a nn for Cosima or Colette or Cosette or even Cordelia?

* Anna-Lovely, but quite popular these days.

* Stella-This is great.

* Daisy-That's cute, but I like it as a nn. I like it as a nn for Dorothea.

* Minnie-This is hard to picture w/out thinking of the mouse.

* Zelda-Again here, there's too much of an association w/the video game.

* Violet-I'm seeing a lot more of this, but it's a beautiful name that works well for all ages.

* Rose-I like this. It's super feminine, & the nn Rosie is darling.

* Maggie-Kind of cute. I think that I like Magdalena nn Maggie.

* Cleo-Kind of cute. Kind of better for a cat.

* Ella-Very popular, but I love it.

* Hazel-Meh, this isn't that attractive imo.

* Mabel-This is okay.

* Genevieve-This isn't bad. I like the nn of Gigi.

* Clementine-Neat. I love this one.

* Bernadette-This is different. I love the nn Nettie. Oh, you could do the nn Bette here too!

* Gussie-This is growing on me. I like it as a nn for Augusta.

* Mary-This doesn't really say flapper to me. It says pilgrim.

* Mimi-A bit too cutesy, but I love Miriam, & this works as a nn for that.

* Hannah-Very popular, but a great name.

* Marilyn-I kind of like it, but prefer Marian.

* Lily-I love it, but it's super common.

* Tess-Nice.

* Opal-Kind of different. I think that I like it.

* Pearl-Love it.

* Eloise-Aw, so sweet.

Hope this helps!

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Thu, 05-13-2010 - 8:48pm
* Ruby: I like this. It's spunky, but you really can imagine it at any age.
* Lulu: Not as a given name, but I'd like it as a nn for Louise or Louisa.
* Bette: Hmm. I wouldn't call it flapper...it has more of a burlesque vibe to me. But it's fun.
* Olive: Not my favorite, but I'd love to see someone use it.
* Trixie: Not as a given name, but great for Beatrice or Beatrix.
* May: I don't find it flappery, but I like it.
* Ivy: Love it.
* Iris: Love it!
* Estelle: Estella, I think, could be fun too.
* Scarlett: This says "Southern belle" to me, more. It's getting rather mainstreamed due to Scarlett Johanssen.
* Coco: I can't take it seriously as a given name.
* Anna: Nice, but it lacks some of the "oomph" I see in the others.
* Stella: You're seeing it more, but it's charming.
* Daisy: Maybe.
* Minnie: Not as a given name. I'd love to meet a baby Minerva, though!
* Zelda: Hmmm...I never know how I feel about this one.
* Violet: Violets are some of my favorite flowers, so I have a soft spot for this one.
* Rose: I adore this! I think it's a shame it's so often relegated to middle name status.
* Maggie: Not as a given name.
* Cleo: Yes!
* Ella: Not as interesting as it would have been a few years back.
* Hazel: Love it!
* Mabel: If you've got the guts to do it, yes!
* Genevieve: This has always felt fussy to me.
* Clementine: This is one I toy with...it's just fun.
* Bernadette: Maybe.
* Gussie: For Augusta, maybe. Not on its own.
* Mary: It's lovely in its simplicity.
* Mimi: I'm afraid people would think "Rent" rather than "flapper" these days. Love it as a nn for Miriam, though.
* Hannah: Little tired of it, actually.
* Marilyn: This could be fun.
* Lily: It's lovely, but it's definitely mainstreamed.
* Tess: This never feels quite complete to me.
* Opal: I would love to see this.
* Pearl: Heck, yes!
* Eloise: I like this, too. It has a polished-yet-quirky feel.
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Thu, 05-13-2010 - 11:26pm

* Ruby - cute name

* Lulu - it's also cute, but suits a little girl better than a woman.

* Bette - nmsaa

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Fri, 05-14-2010 - 2:40pm

Love these and are on our list as well -

* Olive
* Iris
* Scarlett
* Violet
* Cleo
* Hazel
* Mabel
* Genevieve
* Clementine
* Tess
* Opal
* Pearl
* Eloise

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Sat, 05-15-2010 - 7:47pm

I love:
Ruby, May, Anna, Rose, Mary, Hannah, Lily, Tess, Pearl
(May and Rose are family names for me; Hannah is my daughter and Ruby is a name I used for one of the babies I miscarried; Mary and Pearl are on my list, and Anna would be if I didn't already have a Hannah, and Lily would be if I didn't have a cousin once removed by that name. Worth noting that Hannah and Lily are quite popular now, possibly Tess as well.)

Also gorgeous:
Olive, Ella, Opal, Eloise, Zelda
(Worth noting that Ella is very popular; Zelda makes me think of the "Legend of Zelda" video games (which is why I like it). There was also a Zelda on Sabrina the Teenaged Witch.)

Ivy, Iris, Estelle, Scarlett, Daisy, Violet, Hazel, Genevieve, Bernadette
(Scarlett and Violet seem quite popular to me, and Ivy may be getting there; Iris and Hazel are very up-and coming)

These are okay for nicknames, but I don't like them as given names:
Lulu, Trixie, Coco, Minnie, Maggie, Cleo, Gussie, Mimi
I do like Lucy/Lucinda/Lucia/Luciana/Lucille, Colette/Corinne, Magdalen/Magdalene/Magdalena/Magda, Augusta, and Miriam/Mary (Beatrix and Cleopatra aren't my style, but nothing wrong with them)

* Bette
I'm never quite sure if this is pronounced Bet or Betty, though I like it either way.

* Stella
Getting quite popular, and never was my favorite, but nothing wrong with it.

* Mabel
Still feels very old-lady to me.

* Clementine
I think of the song (O my darlin') and the fruit, so the name doesn't appeal to me. I do like Clemente or Clementina (klem en tee na).

* Marilyn
Too associated with Marilyn Monroe. Maybe Mary Lynn?



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Mon, 05-17-2010 - 8:34pm
I have a DD who is Lily Genevieve! I LOVE Scarlett and Stella. If I ever went for a 3rd, those would be on the list. Love Ruby and Maisy too!
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Fri, 05-21-2010 - 7:45pm