How to spell a name?

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How to spell a name?
Thu, 07-07-2011 - 11:45pm

I've posted on here before looking for opinions on whether or not to name our future daughter Tatum or Sonja/Sonia.

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Fri, 07-08-2011 - 1:16am
I've known a lot of Sonja's and can't imagine an pronunciation problem. Though, if I've learned anything from having babies it's that people can mispronounce anything. I do live in Seattle where we have a huge Scandinavian population and people are fairly familiar with names with a j in them . ;)
I believe that Sonja is a diminuative of Sophia (hence the Wisdom meaning). If you use the Sonja spelling, I feel like it references Germanic and Scandinavian heritage, whereas Sonia points to Italian, Spanish, that sort of thing. And Sonya would be Russian, I believe. I hope that helps! It's a beautiful name and I'd give it a big vote over Tatum, personally. :)
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Fri, 07-08-2011 - 8:34am

My spelling preferences, in order: Sonya, Sonia, Sonja. But I like all three of them way better than Tatum. I can definitely see pronunciation problems with Sonja, but also potentially with Sonia (So-nee-ah, sun-yah, so-nye-uh).


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Fri, 07-08-2011 - 11:57am
I like both Sonja and Sonia, but prefer Sonja. I would vote for Sonja over Tatum.
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Fri, 07-08-2011 - 12:29pm

I think I like Sonia best, and then Sonja (I wouldn't worry about mispronunciation--people can bobble about any name.)

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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 1:30pm

I would only go with Sonja if you live in an area with enough Germanic or Nordic heritage for people to get the "j".<A href="http://s218.photobucket