Ideas for the Name Ford...

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Ideas for the Name Ford...
Sat, 08-14-2010 - 10:51am

Hubby and I really like the name Ford- but we can't decide if it would be better to put it on his birth certificate as his legal MIDDLE name (but call him by Ford), just because it seems like there's not a lot of middle names that sound good.

OR, can you guys suggest some names that would go good as a middle name to Ford?

I think it's because it's one syllable, it sounds funky with most names.

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Sat, 08-14-2010 - 11:19am
Ford Andrew
Ford Thomas
Ford Elijah
Ford Alexander
Ford Matthew
Ford Elliott
Ford Christopher
Ford Jonas
Ford Nicholas
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Sat, 08-14-2010 - 12:32pm

Ford is very nice. Let's see:

Ford Barnaby

Ford Barlow

Ford Colton

Ford Grayson

Ford Harold

Ford Jasper

Ford Keagan

Ford Keenan

Ford Kellis

Ford Killian

Ford Laramie

Ford Lariat

Ford Lewis

Ford Lionel

Ford Lucas

Ford Malachi

Ford Maxfield

Ford Marlowe

Ford Nolan

Ford Piers

Ford Quinlan

Ford Reginald

Ford Rutger

Ford Rylan

Ford Shepherd

Ford Stetson

Ford Tavish

Ford Tiernan

Ford Winston

Ford Wylie

I'd love to know if anything catches your eye.


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Sat, 08-14-2010 - 12:44pm

I know that we have a habit of making first names longer in our culture, but I'm a big fan of single-syllable first names. (Really, I am. Our son's name has one syllable, and most of our list for boys and girls are only one syllable.) With Ford, I think of Ford Madox Ford, who was born Ford Hermann something, but chose his pen name after his grandfather Ford Madox Brown. Withe our long list of short names, most of our middle names are family names or have personal connections and can sound a bit funky to others, but let me throw out a few that I like...

Ford Christopher
Ford Franklin
Ford Reuben
Ford Gregory
Ford Stuart
Ford Eben

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Sat, 08-14-2010 - 3:44pm
I really like Ford Grayson.
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Sat, 08-14-2010 - 4:54pm

I think you got alot of good suggestions!