If your child would've been a boy/girl what would they have been named?

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If your child would've been a boy/girl what would they have been named?
Tue, 11-02-2010 - 11:13pm

I always find it interesting what a child would've been named if they were a boy/girl. So if your child/children would've been a boy/girl what would you have named them & what are they named? If you knew what you were having & took a list to the hospital what were the names on the list & what name did you end up using?

We knew we were having a boy so we didn't get very far with girl names. The ones SO liked were Addison, Aubrey, Brianna. We had a few first names we liked going to the hospital but no real combos. We ended up discussing

Russell Warren (Warren after Daddy)

Russell John ( John after my Dad & Brothers)

Trenton John

Mathias John

We ended up choosing Russell Warren which we both really love for our little man.

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We had taken one of those IntelliGender tests that said our daughter was going to be a "he". From about 12 weeks until we found out otherwise around 20 weeks, we started calling her Ross! I'm over the name now, but I was really into it then.

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DS would have been Gwendolyn Usha if he had been a girl.

DD would have been Graeme Mohan if she had been a boy.

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We never knew the gender with any of our girls, but always struggled to agree on boys' names.

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If Brennan had been a girl, he would have been named Molly, Claire, or Kate.

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Ethan Robert would have been Carson Ann. (11 years ago)

Logan Ryley would have been the same had he been a girl. (8 years ago)

Corban Rhys would have been Calista Raine. (3 years ago)

I am so glad I didn't have a girl until now.

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Connor Thomas would have been Kadyn May.

Kadyn May (got to use it after all!) would have been Caden Anders.

Avery Claire would have been Cole Kristian.

This baby will probably be Morgan Elizabeth or Lukas Kristian.