opinions needed on some of my choices

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opinions needed on some of my choices
Fri, 05-07-2010 - 10:41pm

You all gave me some great ideas for naming my next baby.

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Sat, 05-08-2010 - 1:02am

Girl- middle name Evelyn

Flora GMV, second choice May - but it was hard to choose! HEre are my thoughts:
Vera - So pretty, simple and feminine, and I seldom hear it IRL (like Pearl, which is also pretty, simple and feminine)
Flora - Ditto
Joy - Ditto
Marjorie- would this be odd since it means Pearl? - No, most people won't know or care what it means; they just know it as a name. Very pretty, but she'll be Margie to many, no matter what you call her. Would that bother you?
May - So perfect with Pearl!
Astrid - Another winner
Althea - Ditto
Clementine - Ditto, but she'll be Clemmie to many, even if you never call her that. Would that tick you off?
Iris - Wow, another winner. You can't go wrong with this list!
Celeste - Ditto
Boys- middle name Thomas
Alden - Nice. I like Alban even better.
Augustus - August is cleaner, lighter, more like Truman
Rex (too nicknamish?) - Yes, this would be too nicknamey for my taste.
Hale - Nice, but August fits better.

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Sat, 05-08-2010 - 7:08am

Girl- middle name Evelyn
Like Evelyn very much

Pretty, classic. Don't know any young Veras.

I like this too for the same reasons, though this name is a bit "controversial"; some think it's sweet and ready for a comeback, some think it's an old-lady name, even among those who like more old-fashioned names. Either way, not going to be common among her agemates.

Gorgeous. Probably not quite as uncommon as the others, but this has been on my list a very long time.

Marjorie- would this be odd since it means Pearl?
If it's your favorite, don't let the meaning bother you. I know I plan to use both the name Rhoda and the name Rose (as a middle name) if I get the opportunity. Also, my daughter's mn is Jane and I plan to have a John. It's true that most won't notice, too. (So long as you won't feel compelled to continue, because you'd run out of names pretty quickly after Meaghan).

Very pretty--I think this will be my next daughter's middle name.

Not a favorite of mine. Doesn't seem to mesh quite as well with Truman and Pearl, either, though that might be because I don't like it as much (just the sound of it)--but there's nothing wrong with it.

I love this! It's pretty different, but Truman is kind of different too.

Just makes me think of the song and the little orange. I like the meaning but don't love the name, at least this form--Clementina or Clemente wouldn't have the same association.

Nice, but I don't love it like some of the others.

Very pretty, but I don't love this one either.

#1 Joy Evelyn; #2 May Evelyn; #3 Althea Evelyn; #4 Vera Evelyn; #5 Flora Evelyn; #6 Celeste Evelyn; #7 Iris Evelyn; #8 Marjorie Evelyn; #9 Clementine Evelyn; #10 Astrid Evelyn
(Numbers 2 and 3 are very close, as are 4 and 5)

Boys- middle name Thomas

Doesn't appeal to me.

I like. I do like August or Augustine a little better, though this is probably rarest for whatever that's worth. Flows poorly with Thomas.

Rex (too nicknamish?)
Not my style at all

Very nice. I mention this one occasionally. Only difficulty is it might be confused for Haley or Halle, and some might think it's feminine. But I think it's solid.

#1 Hale Thomas; #2 Augustus Thomas

Other boys' ideas, just off the top of my head:
Alfred Thomas, Albert Thomas, Blaise Thomas, Brigham Thomas, Blake Thomas (might be a little popular for you), Brand Thomas, Bryant Thomas, Bran Thomas, Brenn Thomas, Beau Thomas, Byron Thomas, Calvin Thomas, Dale Thomas, Dorian Thomas, Dashiell Thomas, Egan Thomas, Ernest Thomas, Eugene Thomas, Everett Thomas, Evander Thomas, Flynn Thomas, Fisher Thomas, Fox Thomas, Geoffrey Thomas, Griffith Thomas, Galen Thomas, Gene Thomas, George Thomas (might be more popular than you want), Halcyon Thomas, Han Thomas, Hartwell Thomas, Hartley Thomas, Haskell Thomas, Hawthorn(e) Thomas, Hyatt Thomas, Locke Thomas, Lincoln Thomas, Lyle Thomas, Lawrence Thomas, Lysander Thomas, Lionel Thomas (maybe too much train?), Milton Thomas, Melville Thomas, Maverick Thomas, North Thomas, West Thomas, Oberon Thomas, Oliver Thomas (a little more popular as well), Orrin Thomas, Pike Thomas, Philip Thomas (also a little bit popular), Penn Thomas, Pan Thomas, Quentin Thomas, Quinten Thomas (a little popular), Reginald Thomas, Raleigh Thomas (some will think girl though), Ramsay Thomas, Raymond Thomas, Rene Thomas (some will definitely think girl), Ronald Thomas, Rune Thomas, Rush Thomas, Reeve Thomas, Sebastian Thomas (this one's a little popular though), Shea Thomas, Salvador Thomas, Shane Thomas, Seth Thomas, Sven Thomas, Saxon Thomas, Sylvan Thomas, Tycho Thomas, Tolliver Thomas, Thaniel Thomas, Terence Thomas, Torrence Thomas, Twain Thomas, Vincent Thomas (not sure how popular this is), Vinson Thomas, Vernon Thomas, Wade Thomas, Wills Thomas, Win Thomas, Winston Thomas, Ward Thomas, Warren Thomas (not sure on the popularity of this), Washington Thomas, Westley Thomas/Wesley Thomas (somewhat popular), Zane Thomas



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Sat, 05-08-2010 - 12:40pm

Sure, here are my thoughts-

Vera-This has never been a name that I cared for. It just doesn't have an attractive sound imo.

Flora-This is beautiful. It's so sweet & feminine sounding, & will grow up very well.

Joy-I kind of find this odd as a fn. It's a bit abrupt.

Marjorie- would this be odd since it means Pearl?-No, I think that's cute...the name is just nms. It just reminds me of Marge, which isn't very pretty.

May-Hm, see Joy. Although I like Maeve!

Astrid-NMS. The 'ass' part is sort of a turn off.

Althea-This name has been growing on me lately. It'd be fun to see on a kid, & sounds smart for an adult.

Clementine-Love it! This is so fun.

Iris-This is fine, but to nms. Also, to be honest, I've been seeing it (at least on others people's list) a lot.

Celeste-This is pretty. It's a bit frilly w/Truman & Pearl, but a nice enough name.

Alden-This is nice. I like it w/Truman & Pearl.

Augustus-This is handsome, but sort of too regal. I prefer just August.

Rex (too nicknamish?)-Kind of...it's a bit too doggish really.

Hale-This is cool & unique. I like it.

Hope this helps!

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Sat, 05-08-2010 - 4:32pm

A lot of your names are also on my list--love them!!

Would you consider Evelyn as the FN? I think Evelyn May is beautiful.

Marjorie's meaning is not a common-knowledge thing, so I wouldn't be concerned having a Pearl and a Marjorie. :)

-Dianne, 41 yo
DH 37

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Sat, 05-08-2010 - 6:31pm

Girl- middle name Evelyn

Vera - it's a cute name, but nms.

Flora - it's ok and goes well with Pearl and Truman. (Lovely names btw)

Joy - I don't think it fits with the other names.

Marjorie- would this be odd since it means Pearl? - No, I don't think it would be odd, but I'm not crazy about this name.

May - Nice enough

Astrid - Great Swedish name and my second choice.

Althea - nms

Clementine - a very cute name, but again it doesn't seem to 'fit'.

Iris - this would be my first choice. A very pretty name and it goes great with Pearl and Truman!

Celeste - nms

Boys- middle name Thomas

Alden - ok.

Augustus - Great name, although I'm bias since we are naming this baby August if it's a boy. But it really fits with your other children's name!

Rex (too nicknamish?) - Yes, it sounds too much like a nickname to me, and it sounds like a trendy name, and Pearl and Truman are 'old names'.

Hale - nms

Good Luck!

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Sat, 05-08-2010 - 8:43pm

I LOVE Celeste! It's SUCH a beautiful name. Iris is lovely as well. I also like Vera but it doesn't work well with Evelyn as the middle name.

For a boy, I think Alden is the best fit with the other childrens' names though I don't love Alden.

Other possibilities for boys:



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Tue, 05-18-2010 - 10:14pm

I like:

Vera (love it!)
Clementine (second favorite!)


Skyla <3 Justin
loving our two beautiful little girls Rosalie Maeve and Leona Camille

Skyla <3 Justin
loving our two beautiful little girls Rosalie Maeve and Leona Camille