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So we don't know yet what the twins sexes are but we'll be find out soon enough and we've sort of decided on the boy names but I'm wondering which names you like with Pearl.

Two girls
Pearl and....







one of each

Pearl and...





Sorry about the premature posting by the way.

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Two girls
Pearl and....

June- Great set.

Ada- Least favorite option.

Irene- I love Irene, and it's


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My favorites:

Pearl & Delia

Pearl & Graham

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Tue, 08-03-2010 - 2:49pm
Pearl and....

June - very nice. Something bugs me about them both being nouns though.

Ada - I like this, but not with big brother Alden.

Irene - my favorite, but again, it seems a little similar to Alden.

Daisy - nice, except for the noun thing :-)

Delia - my first choice. It goes well with Pearl, isn't a noun and isn't similar to Alden.

Beatrice - like it, except that it seems long when compared to Pearl. It could easily work though.

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I like:

Pearl and June

Pearl and Graham


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Hi there.

Pearl is beautiful! It's perfect w/Alden too.

Here are my thoughts on the rest-


Ada-I like this, but I fear that it'd be confused often w/the super popular Ava. Ada is also a bit close to Alden too.

Irene-This is nms. It's always seemed a bit screechy, plus I just personally had a less then pleasant camp counselor called this.

Daisy-Very cute, but I feel as though it's a bit nick-namey. I like it as a nn for Dorothea.

Delia-This is lovely, but a bit exotic sounding w/Alden & Pearl. I think that Celia would be a much nicer fit.

Beatrice-Sweet, but I like Beatrix more. It's a bit spunkier, & the nn Trixie is darling.

Reid-This isn't bad. It doesn't sparkle, but it's perfectly nice.

Vaughn-It's kind of hard for me not to picture a cranky middle aged man named this.

Bram-This isn't bad. I kind of prefer it as a nn for Abraham.

Graham-I like this, but prefer the Scottish spelling of Graeme.

Hope this helps!