Questions about Rosalind

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Questions about Rosalind
Thu, 09-30-2010 - 10:57am

We're pretty sure if we have a girl we'd really like to name her Rosalind.

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Thu, 09-30-2010 - 12:07pm
Rosalind is very nice.


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Thu, 09-30-2010 - 2:14pm

Rosalind is lovely! Honestly though, I say it 'Rose-uh-lind'. You don't have to call her a nn, but you might get the occasional Rosie or Roz from other people. Rosie is far more attractive imo, & that's part of the reason that I say it 'Rose-uh-lind'.

Hope this helps!

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Thu, 09-30-2010 - 3:59pm
I'd say it ROZ-ah-lind, like Rosalind Carter or the Shakespearean character. I don't think it's too old-fashioned; I think it's quite sweet. I can't guarantee that people won't try to give her a nickname, or that she won't choose one for herself, but most people I know manage pretty well with using a full name and getting it to stick.
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Thu, 09-30-2010 - 5:34pm