What do You Think of the Name....

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What do You Think of the Name....
Tue, 07-06-2010 - 9:58am

Hubby thought of a name the other day, and I actually like it!

I'm kind of annoyed, though...because I told my mom, and she made fun of it to no end. She kept talking about how it was the name of the villain in Batman, and I should just name him 'Darth'. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive, but if I'm CONSIDERING the name, that's kind of rude to say.

That being said, I AM looking for honest (just hopefully not rude!) feedback, lol. I have never met anyone named this, but I think it's pretty cool.

Anyways, it's a boy's name...and it's 'Lex'. What do you think?

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Tue, 07-06-2010 - 10:26am
Are you considering the name for a boy or girl or either?
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Tue, 07-06-2010 - 10:47am

I like Lex for a boy. Do yourself a favour and don't discuss names with family. It's yours and dh's decision, no one else's opinion matters. I won't discuss names with people IRL and even here when I think I've found 'the' name I don't post it. If I love it I don't want to hear anything negative about it.


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Tue, 07-06-2010 - 1:44pm
I like it, myself...and Lex Luthor on Smallville makes it a bit more appealing than the old Superman movies (or, really, Kevin Spacey in the most recent Superman movie.)
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Tue, 07-06-2010 - 2:56pm

Yeah, people really don't think before they speak.

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Tue, 07-06-2010 - 3:51pm
Lex sounds great. But it also feels more like a nickname than a full name. What about Felix or Alexander to get Lex as a nickname? I like giving kids some flexibility, if possible. If he grows up and decides he doesn't like Lex (for whatever reason), the name is so short that there's really no place for him to go other than a complete name change. If he's Alexander who decides he doesn't like Lex, then he can be Alex or Zander or Andy or something else.
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Tue, 07-06-2010 - 10:52pm

What's wrong with the name Lex? Girls are named Lexi all the time! I assume Lex would be a boy, but could be a tomboyish nn for Alexa.

I think it's really strong and cool :)


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Tue, 07-06-2010 - 11:41pm
I think it's great!

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Wed, 07-07-2010 - 8:49am
I love it.


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Wed, 07-07-2010 - 2:09pm

I really like it--but prefer it as a nickname for Alexander rather than a standalone. The villain thing wouldn't bother me; the unisex thing might a little, especially as I think it would be more common as a girls' nickname. If I had an Alexandra (or any other Alex- names) her nickname would be Lex, Lexie, or Lexa; if I had an Alexander he would be Lex too (though none of these are likely for me).

Good luck with your decision.

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Fri, 07-09-2010 - 7:05pm

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