Emma vs. Claire

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Emma vs. Claire
Wed, 07-27-2011 - 3:34pm

Which do you prefer?

I love Claire and don't want to budge. My SO loves Emma and doesn't want to budge. Which do you prefer and why? I'd also love to hear middle name possibilities if you have any suggestions! :) Not even pregnant yet, let alone with a girl, so this is just for fun for now!

I do really like Emma Claire as a full name - but it makes me sad to think of missing out on Claire as a first name!

What do you think of Claire Alice? (Alice in honor of my mom) or Emma Elizabeth? (Elizabeth is my middle name)


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Wed, 08-03-2011 - 4:54pm
I'm not a fan of Emma and love Claire. For some reason Emma sounds too old fashioned to me. However, I really like pp suggestion of Emma Claire as a first name.
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Tue, 08-02-2011 - 9:27am

Thanks for your thoughts everyone! :) I am loving the Emma Claire combo even more now, and like the popular suggestion of just using both names! I often go by both my first and middle names (both start with E) and have always loved that.


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Thu, 07-28-2011 - 6:30pm
I dont like the flow of Claire Alice. Emma Elizabeth is too sing songy,and reminds me of the girl from the Clifford cartoons.

Emma Claire. It is wonderful, sounds great, and you can use both together or shorten it to just Emma. Love those together!

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Thu, 07-28-2011 - 2:05pm
I agree--use both and call her Emma Claire. My daughter is Hannah Jane. If you ask what her name is she usuallly says her whole name. We call her Hannah Jane probably 20% of the time (was never really the plan to use both, but I do). And if she's ever in a situation where she's not the only Hannah--pretty likely for a Hannah or Emma--she can be Hannah Jane instead of Hannah C. I also call my son by his first and middle a fair bit.

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Thu, 07-28-2011 - 12:27am

You could have a double first name, and actually call her Emma-Claire.

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Wed, 07-27-2011 - 11:31pm

I think they're both okay...both pretty familiar in this generation.

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Wed, 07-27-2011 - 10:19pm
I dislike the name Emma.
Claire is cute.

Elizabeth Claire works ;)