Please vote on a girls name for us.

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Please vote on a girls name for us.
Wed, 06-11-2003 - 6:49pm

Please vote on a girls name for us.

  • Audrey Rose
  • Jenna Rose
  • Saura Rose
  • Serrin Rose
  • Koryn Rose

You will be able to change your vote.

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Wed, 06-11-2003 - 8:14pm
I like all these choices, Audrey is probably nms. What about the fn Rose? With Lily becoming so popular again Rose-type names should get a comeback. Rosemary has always been a very pretty sounding name to me.

: )

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Wed, 06-11-2003 - 8:31pm
Audrey Rose gmv. Audrey is among my favorites - it's a pretty, classic girl's name that suits both a child & adult.

My 2nd choice would be Jenna Rose. Also very pretty.

Saura and Serrin are interesting, but not really my style. I think Saura would be mistake for Sara or Laura a lot. Serrin is pretty, but sounds like the name of a chemical to me.

Koryn is ok, but not really my style. I would prefer this name with a C - Coryn.

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Wed, 06-11-2003 - 10:13pm
Audrey Rose is gorgeous and classic! It gets my vote.
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Thu, 06-12-2003 - 2:44pm
Again my age is showing...Audrey Rose was the name of a scarey book and movie in the 1970's..
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Fri, 06-13-2003 - 10:12am
I voted for Audrey Rose because I love this name, but there is a freaky movie entitled Audrey Rose that was made in the 70's and stars Anthony Hopkins (go figure). Anyway, just thought I would let you know.
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Fri, 06-13-2003 - 10:33am
I like Audrey Rose best, but agree w/the others on the scary book association. Maybe Audrey Faith, Audrey Grace, Audrey Elizabeth?
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Fri, 06-20-2003 - 10:47am
My daughter's name is Audrey Rose!!! I was just lurking around parents place and stumbled onto this poll and was totally flabergasted to see her name... and here I thought she would be the only one. Anyway, even though I don't like the idea of this name getting too popular, I would of course have to go with Audrey Rose. It is such a beautiful and classic name. My daughter is 2 yrs old in August and the name fits her perfectly... she is beautiful, blonde hair, blue eyes, the face of an absolute angel with the devil directing her every move! She is just gorgeous but is totally a tomboy. She always has a hip little dress on and by the end of the day (or within 30 minutes of me dressing her) she is covered in mud, grass or macaroni and cheese.

Anyway, enough about my beautiful daughter. Anyway, I just had to let you know that I have a little Audrey Rose of my own. PS... I wouldn't worry about the scary movie thing... I think the book and movie are pretty obscure and I wouldn't let it stop me from giving my daughter such a beautiful name!


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Fri, 06-20-2003 - 12:29pm
I have a sister whose name is Aubry Rose and I think that that is beautiful. I also have a sister named Jenna too though... I guess I would pick Audrey Rose...but have you thought of Aubry. Its a little less common...she gets lots of compliments. My mom got it from an old song by Bread called And Aubry Was Her Name. Just a suggestion.