Which first name for a girl, Last nam...

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Which first name for a girl, Last nam...
Thu, 06-12-2003 - 3:19pm

Which first name for a girl, Last name Brown & Sister Gillian(prn Jillian), Thx

  • Adrianna Brown - Ay-dree-an-uh
  • Avery Brown - "Always" called Ava
  • Daphne Brown
  • Isabelle Brown
  • Liza Brown
  • Paige Brown
  • Quinn Brown
  • Tess Brown
  • Torrance Brown "Always" called Tess
  • Tempest Brown "Always" called Tess

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Mon, 06-16-2003 - 6:44pm
Hey! My maiden name was Brown! My favorite two names are WAY BEHIND in the voting poll. However, I tend to favor more unique names (raised an Amy in the ERA of Amys married to a Michael)

I voted Isabelle. I have an Isabella Ruth, nn Issy. She is the ONLY one in our area, but I understand the name is more common in younger girls in some areas (My Isabella is 7~almost 8) She gets a LOT of positive comments on both her name and nickname!

I LOVE the name Liza, but really really really favor the name Aliza Isabelle. Aliza means 'joyous' Eliza means 'God's gift' (I THINK I'm remembering this correctly!) I ran across the name Aliza when I was frequenting this board BEFORE I got pregnant, BEFORE bedrest and BEFORE a baby! LOL! I really think Aliza Isabelle Brown, nn Liza Brown is strong, yet adorable!

BTW We have a Sophomore w/the name Liz Brown. I don't know what the Liz is short for...love the name!

Good luck!

Amy~mother of Patrisha Louise, Isabella Ruth & Lilybet Rhian; ages 11, 7 & 2 weeks

Trisha, Issy & Lily