Baby Name Meaning Gaining Importance

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Baby Name Meaning Gaining Importance
Tue, 12-03-2013 - 9:05am

Celebrities are on their way out and relatives (particularly of the grand- and great- variety) are decidedly in — when it comes to baby names, that is.

The latest list of the year's most popular names reflects a new generation of parents striving for meaning in the names they choose, says Linda Murray, global editor in chief of the pregnancy and parenting website The site's list of top names for 2013 is out Tuesday.

"We saw a marked change this year," she says. Parents "want a name that feels important to them. Looking back into your own family tree is a way to find a person meaningful to you. We see the search for meaning in this generation really starting to show up in the baby-naming ranks."

Do you look eup the origin/meaning behind a name when trying to decide if you'll use it or not? 

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Thu, 12-05-2013 - 2:23pm

Choosing baby's name is one of the joys of parenting. The name we select reflect the high hopes we have for our child. Choosing baby name with a very good meaning signals that child will go far in life.