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Mon, 02-21-2011 - 12:25am

What do ya'll think of the name :Dallas Levi?Can ya'll give me some

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Mon, 02-21-2011 - 10:15am

I've only known of one Dallas in my lifetime and it was a female. So the name seems a little girly to me.

I think a strong one syllable name works well with Levi.

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Well, I am a little bias because my brother's name is Dallas and my son's name is Dallas Drake (but we call him Drake as to not have 2 Dallas' in the family). I

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Dallas Levi is great name!

Levi Matthew,
Levi Thomas,
Levi Nathaniel,
Levi Seth,
Levi Harrison,
Levi Tyler,
Levi Walter,
Levi Charles,
Levi Cody,
Levi Jarrett,
Levi Derrick,
Levi Brian,
Levi Jacob,
Levi Simon,
Levi Samuel,
Levi Elijah,
Levi Carter,
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