Daughters Class list - wdyt?

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Daughters Class list - wdyt?
Sat, 08-24-2013 - 2:09am


Hi everyone  

My children start school on Monday .  Below are the names from one class - wdyt?

  • Campbell Rose
  • Eli Sebastian
  • Natalie Megan
  • Aaron Brady
  • Dante Lorenzo
  • Reid Victor
  • Maximus Nolan
  • Amber Terese
  • Juliet Aurora
  • Alice Gwedolyn
  • Patrice Corinne
  • Jared Cole
  • Julian Ross
  • Geneva Elyse
  • Paxton Jane
  • Jazmine Athena
  • Devon Anastazia
  • Roxanne Mya
  • Ryder Owen



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Tue, 08-27-2013 - 9:16am

Wow, middle names too!  

Here are my thoughts:

  • Campbell Rose-I never found Campbell the least bit attractive on a girl.
  • Eli Sebastian-Really nice name.  Great flow too.
  • Natalie Megan-Not my favorite, but okay.
  • Aaron Brady-I like Aaron.  Brady not so much.
  • Dante Lorenzo-Cool!
  • Reid Victor-NMS, but not bad.
  • Maximus Nolan-I really like both of these names on their own.  Not sure they fit together though.
  • Amber Terese-Kind of 80s.  
  • Juliet Aurora-Beautiful!  
  • Alice Gwedolyn-That's lovely, but I really do wish it were Gwendolen.
  • Patrice Corinne-Different, but nms.
  • Jared Cole-NMS, but fine.
  • Julian Ross-Love Julian.
  • Geneva Elyse-I don't love it, but it's different.
  • Paxton Jane-Paxton on a girl?  Yikes.
  • Jazmine Athena-If it were Jasmine I'd be pleased.
  • Devon Anastazia-NMS.
  • Roxanne Mya-NMS, but fine.
  • Ryder Owen-I like it, but prefer Rider.

Thanks for sharing. :)

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Sat, 10-12-2013 - 2:57pm
  • Campbell Rose - I don't like Campbell on a girl at all
  • Eli Sebastian - Handsome, Sebastian makes a great middle name
  • Natalie Megan - a little lackluster, but cute
  • Aaron Brady - I like the name Brady a lot, and Aaron isn't bad
  • Dante Lorenzo - don't like Dante, but Lorenzo is charming
  • Reid Victor - Reid is handsome, but I don't care for Victor
  • Maximus Nolan - I like Nolan, and Maximus is okay
  • Amber Terese - seems dated imo
  • Juliet Aurora - gorgeous, but Aurora wouldn't seem to age well
  • Alice Gwedolyn - did you mean GweNdolyn? ;) Cute combo
  • Patrice Corinne - feels dated. not a fan.
  • Jared Cole - Jared is handsome, although not particularly my style. Don't care for Cole.
  • Julian Ross - handsome
  • Geneva Elyse - flow is off, and I am not a fan of kre8ive spellings, even though the sound is nice
  • Paxton Jane - is this a girl?? Wow. not a fan.
  • Jazmine Athena - Athena is adorable, and I like Jasmine
  • Devon Anastazia - what's up with the Z's? lol. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either.
  • Roxanne Mya - ehhh, it is ok.
  • Ryder Owen - handsome, but trendy

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