i think we've decided!

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i think we've decided!
Thu, 12-27-2012 - 12:09pm

now that baby is due in a mere 3 weeks, i think DH and i have finally decided on a name for our LO.  we are not sharing our decision with friends and family until our little man is born, but thought i'd throw it on here for some feedback...  our little boy will be named asher arlen xxxx.

we went back and forth on lots of first names, but both really like asher.  it's not weird but not terribly popular.  neither of us know any ashers, but it's not one that no one will have any difficulty spelling or pronouncing.

as far as the middle name, we decided on arlen, after DH's beloved grandmother arlene.  we'd planned to have the middle name be some variation of her name from early on.  she passed away just a few months ago now.  it means a ton to DH to have our baby named after her (she helped raise him, etc.).

both DH and i hated our names (i'm diane, he's noel) when we were younger (we both, in fact, even went by our middle names for a period of time.  me while in college and DH while in the coast guard).  so we're both hoping that our little man likes the name we've finally selected!


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Fri, 12-28-2012 - 10:49am

LOVE!  I really like Asher and the middle name has such a special meaning.  Really great!

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