interesting, classic and unique names needed - 4th baby on the way :)

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interesting, classic and unique names needed - 4th baby on the way :)
Fri, 12-23-2011 - 8:46pm

You guys have been so helpful over the years so I'm going to try again.

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Hi there.

Your kids' have lovely names.

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hello!! i love your kids' names-they are just what you said-classic, interesting and unique. for some reason, im having a major girls block lately...but i have a few boys names in my brain that might help...first, the names you suggested:
atticus-i like, but it reminds me of attica-the prison, so it would be

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i have 7 children, and one on the way. their names are all uncommon, and some are spelled differently. Me and my husband decided to do this because our families have very uncommon names, so we carried on the tradtion. My name is, Lohgyn Michelle Crey-White, and my husband, Elliot Dane White. i am 32, had my first kids, twins, at age 16, my husband is 34. We have 4 girls and 3 boys, and one on the way that we havent yet found out the gender, i hope i could help give you ideas.

16: Makkinneli Kayte

16: Remington Boyd

12: Ryliegh Shea

12: Sydnie Blayre

12: Blakeliegh Leeann

9: Lane Elliot


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I like

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Hudson, Adelaide, Whitaker and ...

I like Penelope and Colette. Smith is okay, but seems a little short. Atticus is a little close to Adelaide for me.

Other ideas:













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Wow! You have a great sense of style!

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My kiddos are Wesley (Wes) and Adrian Renae (we call her Nae'nae). My stepdaughter's name is Sahara Jade....

Names we have picked are Rosslynn and since the chinese calendar is say a boy--waiting on confirmation of my bfp--as I'm a week late now and finally got a faint something-- Colt Weatherby; Colt Jackson or Jackson Colt (I like this one cause I can call him Jack and his initials would be the same as the dh's *JCV*) or Colt Henry

Some other's I like--(and I work in a daycare and have the 2's class--so I see and write lots of different names...LOL)
Brennan, Braxton, Cameron, Caiden, Caisen, Roxie, Corbin, Ethan, Brody, Bryce, Brooklynn, London, Addison/Addyson, McKynlie, Hayden, Kellen, Slaton, Isabel...Most of these are names of kids at the daycare...LOL...
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I love Penelope, with Poppy as a nn, also Felicity, nn Lissy or Eleanor nn Ellie, or Eleanora nn Nora?