Name opinions.....stuck!

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Name opinions.....stuck!
Fri, 02-04-2011 - 9:19pm

We are expecting our second daughter and are stuck.

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Fri, 02-04-2011 - 9:24pm

I love Sylvia, but it feels a bit too close to Lyla for me.

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Fri, 02-04-2011 - 9:53pm

Hi there.

Lyla is beautiful.

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Sat, 02-05-2011 - 9:14pm
My fave is Minka and I would not choose Mckenna. Minka is so different than Lyla!

But I think it's okay to go really different with a siblings name - I have a very different name from my sister (hers was a trendy 80s name and mine a older family name) but we never thought about it since we grew up with it! It just becomes normal if that makes sense.
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Sun, 02-06-2011 - 1:24am
I really like Mckenna. :)
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Sun, 02-06-2011 - 10:15am

I have a Makenna. pronounced MA-KEN-A . but alot of people spell it Mckenna.

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Sun, 02-06-2011 - 11:23am

Either Charlotte MaKenna or Sylvia Charlotte.

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Tue, 02-08-2011 - 11:11am
I like Sylvia, Minka, Charlotte and Jillian from your list.

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Tue, 02-08-2011 - 5:04pm

Charlotte and McKenna are my favorites :)